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F0EEB641-48CE-4791-9A52-414B83EFF0EA.jpegIt drives me mad listening to democratic socialists speak about the platitudes of healthcare and college as a human right, and workers being in control of the factories and all this. Today listening to a podcast I heard these things being said, and it just drives me crazy that people can be so naive. Do they really think somehow just because you give government the mandate to provide all people healthcare, college education, jobs, houses, and all this, that somehow it will get done? Do they really have such confidence in government that they would think that it would be managed efficiently? To hell with efficiency, do they trust that it will be managed effectively? This is naivety at its highest order to think this.

Our governments can hardly handle any mandate that is imposed on it. Take the single right you have that is a “given” right, rather than a natural right, like the right to life, liberty, and property. (I don’t think democratic socialists believe in property rights though, but that’s a different argument). The Given right you have is the right to an attorney. When you are arrested if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you. That is your right, you get that right at someone else’s, the taxpayers, expense. It’s your right. In this one basic thing the entire order is screwed up, and we see it in the criminal justice system. The government cannot even get this “right” done right. 97% of criminal cases end in plea bargains, because the overloaded public defenders can not commit the time necessary to properly defend their cases. Many pleas, possibly 10% are to crimes that the accused never even committed, but it was sold to the accused by the public defender to take the plea, because they might do 10 or 20 years.

This one right that the government gives is broken, yet democratic socialists think trusting our government with healthcare, college, and jobs is gonna somehow work? They want to trust the inept system to provide?

They say, oh we just need the right people in place, and then it’ll be done correctly. How do they expect that to happen then? We have all the democrats we can get in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, are they the Democratic Socialist Utopias presented? Nope, those are corrupt politicians, influenced by big businesses interests. We just need better politicians, Democratic Socialists is what we need.

So what do we do then, make dissenting opinions illegal? Make it illegal to differ politically, that’s the only way you get the right people in place to get only democratic socialists to enact these policies correctly, so they actually work.

But where are all these incorruptible politicians at? I have yet to meet one.

To trust the government to provide all this free stuff is to put your trust into the hands of corruptible politicians. Man and women who’s desire is to be re-elected, so they will pander, fight, and murder for that power. Believe me it’s been done throughout history, and happens today. Yet we want to hand over all this to them. To a congress that cannot even pass a budget, that has a 19% approval rating. Yup those are the guys and gals to get things done on healthcare and free college. They will make sure it’s effective and efficient.

Wake up and smell the roses Democratic Socialists. Limited government is the only answer to getting money out of politics, getting power out of the hands of corrupt people, and to create a peaceful world. Bring government closer to your front door, and the leaders will act in your interest, and not the interests of the highest bidder. A government that does nothing gives no one the incentive to lobby it for favors, and gives politicians no way to accept donations to hand out favors.

If you trust congress to make things better for you look at their track record, it speaks for itself. But if you want healthcare that runs like the public defenders office, well hopefully you won’t be one of the 97% who have to take a plea bargain when you get cancer.

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