Daily Mood Journal 1/19/18

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I slept considerably less last night, 8 hours. I feel like that gives me more energy, I need to try to be more conscious of how much I sleep. I am going to put a pen a journal next to my bed and try to record the dreams I have. They are usually really intense narratives.

I started a doodle book yesterday. I plan on sharing some of my doodles on steemit. I need to express creativity, even if they are kind of weird and unpolished, I enjoy them. 😻

I finished every goal yesterday except for planting a plant, it was just too cold and overcast. I will put the planting goal on for Sunday. I contacted Granny and we are going to visit tomorrow and get some Thai food. yum yum. 😛

I have a doctors appointment today to hopefully get some new medication to help me stabilize. I am nervous 😬 but it's going to be a good thing. Everything will work out for the best. It is in God's hands.

My cat is looking out the window for birds. She loves watching the birds. 😺

So mood number today, a 4. I think I upgraded to a 4. YAY! Got a lot of exercise yesterday, I think that helped. I need to keep that up. I also plan on quitting smoking cigarettes. I hate them so. While I'm at it, let's make some goals for the day. I need to ship a package to my cousin in Korea. I need to walk around and get at least 30 mins of exercise. Going to take a bath again. I haven't had breakfast yet, so that is a good goal. I think I will get Sushi when we go out to mail the package. It is a special day today, and I need to celebrate. 🍣

I suppose that is it for today. I hope you have a nice one and thank you for reading.

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