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After all the obstacles, I finally got the sea. I got the release, maybe not. But then it did not come to mind the joy of getting the sea. I tried hard to wash my body in the cold sea water. Body body may be removed but mind? I do not know anything. He was forbidding from the side. But who listens to whom. Tucked away the madness of the madness, and the two of them are in the wet sand in the wet sand. It seems that two people are going to the two poles. The unknown power is pushing both of them away. But it's going to go. Sagatir got a conch I did not have to give anything except when I was gone. I tried to do nothing without giving anything. But he took the conch and said he would always take care of it. And he gave me some poems. Which is the biggest obligation of my life. Which I can never forget

Hari has compelled me to write a poem today. The poet's name was also worthless.

Worthless invaluable

I love solitude
I came back to him
I'm crazy about loneliness
It's a sight to look bleak
I love loneliness
That's the best thing in mind
I am fond of darkness
Highly talked about light
I lamented lazy
Still smile smile acting
I live in the air
Who does not have the rope pulled
I want to float in that boat
Who has no sailors
I want to live here
Where you will not be back!
I want to understand everyone
Come to everyone
No one wants to
Who will find me
Not my persecution towards anyone
The door of my earth is still blocked
My favorite language solitude
Here is my existence
Solitude, loneliness, loneliness
To me worship is like
Although these are worthless
To me it is still invaluable.

Some time out of time. Float in a false sense. It is bound to itself to be found in freedom. Maybe you can understand it again or not. Do not take falsehood for yourself. But the emotions remain in memory. It is worthless invaluable.


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