In order to earn more Curations and Steem Power, you need to Turn Up your Up-Votes... You can be doing much better... It's a waste, otherwise...
June 27, 2021... 1.8 Hollywood Time...

Really wish I knew the math behind that. Other people seem to have it figured out, but I do not. Like, how does one calculate how much a vote is worth based on voting power and vests. I especially, wish I knew the math behind vests and the value of vests.

I'm still learning, but it seems to me, the bigger the Up-Vote I leave on someones Post, the Bigger my Curation becomes... I've been noticing, that you've been leaving 2% up-votes... Something that small, usually doesn't receive much of a Curation... Do a Test, and leave some of your Buddies some 100% up-votes and see if it helps... I earn Bigger Curation's, by giving 100% up-votes to others... We're pretty much limited to about Eleven, 100% up-votes per day, since it takes about 2 hours to return to a full 100% up-vote... If you pass out 20 up-votes per day, you should limit your up-votes to 50%... I try to leave a few 100% up-votes at a time, and let it build back up, for when I return...
June 27, 2021... 21.9 Hollywood Time...

You generally get 25% for curation. That's just an estimate on steem's part. There is a bit of rounding that happens and rounding can sometimes benefit you. For example, if you vote 0.0006, it will become 0.001 which you will get curation for; therefore, getting 0.0004 for free.

That's not what I'm trying to do. Rather, I'm just trying to keep my voting power manageable. If you vote 100% all the time, you get more curation, but you also lose all your voting power. LOL. I use 2% because it's low risk and reasonable amount of vote.

Just to test things out though. I'm bumping it to 3%. We'll see what happens ^_^

It all depends on how many up-votes you make in a single day... I try to keep mine as high as possible...
June 28, 2021... 4.1 Hollywood Time...

I checked out what's been going on... It's easy to see that all the Up-Votes I sent you were removed by Down-Votes... I'm not sure what you did to Piss these people off, but you should lay low for a while... I suggest that you only Up-Vote 11 of your Favorite Peoples Post per day, and make sure you give them a 100% Up-Vote... You'll be surprised at the Results... You can spread your 100% Up-Votes out, over the course of a Day... Oh... One more thing... You need to reset your Payout to 50/50% payouts, so you can turn your SBD's into Steem, before turning your Steem into Steem Power... You'll see a big improvement in the amount of extra Steem Power you'll end up with...
July 4, 2021... 14.7 Hollywood Time...

We'll see. I might just try that. I don't like giving in, but pride cometh before the fall.

Enjoy yourself buddy.

It's a job. No more, no less.

You have interpreted something as an admission of something that it is not.

I have receipts. Soon. Your community will see them. All these comments you're leaving. You don't realize, you're leaving evidence. Don't worry about editing. I have screenshots.

I have nothing to edit or hide. Knock yourself out. I'll try whatever approach is required to stop plagiarsts and spammers stealing from the platform. If the "community" that you're referring to don't like it, they'll tell me so good luck with that. It went well for you last time (when you got your extra 30+ followers that aren't me) so I can't see what harm it would do by trying again. That's the thing with contributing something that the platform needs - people appreciate it. They also expect the occasional tantrum from somebody who doesn't like it - that's you by the way.

I have nothing to edit or hide. Knock yourself out.

You have nothing to hide? Then why aren't you being transparent? Why are downvotes against me reported to the communities? Why are you not bragging to the world about how successful your campaign is against me? You're not and you know why. You know it's wrong.

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