I quit smoking weed today!

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I quit smoking weed today, I am done!
There is a reason why I stopped once before. I was so clueless to even think everything would be different. I believe it seriously has affected me as a person. It makes me feel so weird and beyond paranoid. It makes me second guess the things I love the most in life just because other people may not have the same opinion. It has put me in more negative situations then positive, so for me right now and hopefully forever. I quit smoking weed.

I think because from it already being legal in some countries and soon the same for my own then people may tend to forget about healthissues, it must be healthy for everyone right? I contemplated with that question practically my whole life. It makes me want to become something great but all that follows is procrastination and weightgain. I become a fucking mess on it and I'm just done. Please I'm not saying this just to hate on it or anybody that does smoke but I am just saying someday maybe you might feel this way and if your just getting into it now then please just think about what may or may not happen to you.

A clean frame of mind is the last thing you are going to get from smoking weed and if your anything like me with all the other shit I put myself through then it definitely won't help. I can easily say smoking weed doesn't mix after putting yourself though the worst addiction you can think of. Weed didn't help me at all for anything and again only speaking with experience and being the addict. I'm partly sober only due to weed and what other drugs that are prescribed to me but honestly your not sober until your completly sober.

Honestly if you haven't already gone crazy, then maybe you should just quit today. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. You are a completely different person on drugs and if you do drugs long enough it will completely change every fabric of your identity, you won't even remember who you were and who you originally set out to be. Yes everyone is different but I am positive enough to know that the long term effects are not good and that it is only going to effect your life for the worse.

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Much success on your healthier way of life dude ! Remember the "why" everytime and you will be soon be free of craving moments !

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