Heavy Snow... But a Blizzard? Shaping up to be a cold white winter!

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I must say that this winter is turning out to be a colder, whiter one than I had anticipated. Not that I ever sat down and planned out what the year was going to be like. But it has taken me a bit by surprise.

And I have been doing my share of snow removal. I am tired of it to be honest! It is enough. I am okay with not clearing snow again for 8 months or more! But it is not up to me. And I am getting paid for most of it, so there is that.


Here is a shot of the street leading to a shut-in from our church. No one else was on it, so I took a shot to share. I couldn't imagine being a shut-in during weather like this. If the electricity goes out you would be in real trouble.

Anyway, just wanted to share these two shots I took.

Hoping everyone else is warm and dry and doing well!


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I live in Indonesia..In my country, we just know 2 season, dry and rainy seasons..I hope will be there, because I want (very2 want to do) play with snow..

It could make a nice vacation one time. Maybe Mongolia or Japan? Not sure if it is easy to get Visa to them. And maybe cheap too.. because most people don't want to travel during snow!

I wish I had your dry and rain right now. ;-D


Oh man. Stay warm. It is very pretty for sure- thanks for sharing- looks really cold tho-- I get cabin fever just looking at it! Losing electricity would be a nightmare.
Goodness. Take care!