[PROGRESS UPDATE] Sweden is all racked up - coming very soon

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It's taken longer than expected, but we're making good progress.

Big thanks to Obenetwork AB for all of the help with our Swedish expansion, and the in depth photos from start to finish :)

We thought you guys might like to see behind the scenes

Fully racked up (awaiting cables, drives, and other additional hardware)


The process

First, we had to purchase and ship the hardware to Sweden. Ordering this many servers at once, and so much hardware meant that this was one of the longest delays (a week to prepare the hardware, another week to test them all, and roughly yet another week for freight shipping roughly 1 ton of servers to Sweden).

Next they had to be unpacked, checked by the datacenter staff and labelled to determine the configuration, e.g. how much RAM, what CPUs are already installed.

Once fully labelled (which takes like a full day of work because you have to remove the plastic cover and check the RAM modules), they were loaded into a lift (elevator) to be taken to the datacenter level.

Now that the servers are prepared, the rack must be set up. The datacenter technicians installed the rails for the servers into the rack, to allow for the servers to correctly fit into the rack.

And finally, the servers are installed into the rack :)

So what's next?

We're awaiting another shipment of hardware containing network cables, drives etc. which should arrive by next week. Then, the datacenter technicians will wire up the servers per our specifications, and install the drives for our base server setups.

Once everything is wired up, our next step is for our networking expert to configure our switches, so that we may have a reliable network to give the best level of service to our witness customers, as well as the more boring but necessary things such as bandwidth and rate limits, MAC Address ACLs, and Quality of Service configurations.

We'll obtain IPMI access to be able to remotely format, power on/off the servers etc. From here we can set up a few servers, such as the first seed for STEEM in Sweden, allowing us to properly test out the network and the hardware for any problems.

Once we've verified everything works properly, and ironed out any potential faults in our network setup, we'll be ready to launch!

It currently looks like we'll be launching Sweden to the public in mid march. We'll be offering our same Zero-Block Miss SLA to customers in our Swedish region, to guarantee you the best possible service.

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

We'll also finally be able to offer truly private and free (as in freedom of speech) servers for the first time, as was our original goal (thus name name Privex). In Sweden, you will be allowed to operate TOR exit nodes, VPN nodes, and operate websites that would otherwise be quickly taken down in most countries. (please do not try to run these things on a server that you have told us is for a witness. we have special networking in place for witness servers to ensure the best possible service. things like TOR exit nodes will have a detrimental effect if ran within our witness network and you will be suspended.)

Of course we will still be tackling real abuse: things such as phishing websites, using our services to attack other systems, and operating services that are illegal under Swedish law (such as Child Pornography).

We will not be performing active content inspection on your servers, nor your network within Sweden. Our Swedish datacenter is a strong proponent of privacy, and follows the same standards. You can be sure that the privacy of your data held on our servers, and on our network will be respected.

Photo usage (copyright)

The photos in this post were provided by Obenetwork for use by Privex Inc.

The photos have been modified to blur out sensitive details, including persons faces, serial numbers, or other party's hardware which we do not have permission to display.

You may not use them without our permission. Please contact us if you would like to use any of these images (support [at] privex [dot] io), and state your reason for the use, and where they will be displayed.

Thank you!

Please vote for our witness to help us fund more infrastructure like this for Steem projects. To vote for @privex, go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter in the box at the bottom "privex", and press VOTE.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support. Without the Steem community, we would have never managed to get so far.

If you'd like to grab a server, just go to our website: https://www.privex.io - we accept STEEM, SBD, LTC, and BTC as payment. We offer both Virtual and Dedicated servers (all the way from 1gb up to 512gb of RAM).


We offer both Virtual and Dedicated servers (all the way from 1gb up to 512gb of RAM).

512G RAM? Where? ;)

But on a serious note - looks solid!

Edit: Nevermind. Found it on your product-list.

Looking very good! 512 GB RAM. . . I'm jealous. I have to get more for machine learning; 96 GB RAM servers at the moment :)

Congrats @privex team. This is a great addition!

wow, that is very cool, I hope everything comes online smoothly!

Excellent! If I can hold out till March and there are cost-effective offerings for my area of need, I would definitely like to get a hold of one of those and build the North European region :D

What is the cost per server?

This is such great work @privex, I have read on Steemit everything you have been doing with hosting for witnesses, I thought it was such a great service hence why I voted for you as one of my witness votes and followed you.

This is the first time I hsve actually got a visual grasp on the size and professionalism of your operation.

When my Steemit journey is advanced enough to get into hosting a witness node, I will be sure to be in contact with you guys. Until then keep doung what you are doing and I will remain a loyal supporter.

Geographical diversification into countries with good privacy laws is great!

A little disappointed by how you lied about that censored and blurred box of dildos in your post, however.

Sadly not as interesting as that 😂

They're just switches owned by the DC that they requested for us to blur out.

Haha, yeah I can see how I would be a little shy about others posting pics of my "switches" too.

"Once everything is wired up, our next step is for our networking expert to configure our switches, so that we may have a reliable network to give the best level of service to our witness customers"
this is the part that interests me most. thanks guys for the good job. keep giving your customers the best services.
thanks @privex for the support and sponsorship

This is an impressive progress. Every hard work have it own reward, keep it up.

Nice your post

good photo I'm interested in seeing it is really amazing, thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki

is sweden live now? i'd like to setup up the steem blockchain witness node at some point. do you have a special package for that?

Really glad Ifound out your service before signing with Vultr for my node running service. Truly a great to put my SBD for real usage.

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wow very nice post dear. i rellay like it.what a post dear.

Hi, mysql sbds desynced again after endpoints problem :)


@privex @someguy123
When it's ready and operational. I would like to move my seed node in Sweden datacenter, please drop me a note.

I'll be your first witness customer in sweden :)

Thank you.

The 64GB barrier in system memory is now broken by DDR4 RAM in Intel's Haswell-E. Watch us tear down that wall with 128GB of Corsair Dominator DDR4 RAM.


Are you also improving your customer service?

My team payed for a hosting on friday after checking with the customer service

After paying , no info , no answer from privex....

Everything working fine now, Thanks

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