The twelve Olympians and the Zodiac

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Salutations my fellow steemians, Saint Gabriel Here ;) Since I have been itching to write lately, I decided to create this post, and the topic is a mixture of two things that I enjoy, Mythology (specifically Greek) and Astrology (I really don't believe in zodiacs but it's still a fun thing) so I will make a brief description of each sign and the Greek god or goddess associated with it, so let's do this.

The first sign is Aries, the Ram, it represents Chrysomallus, the flying ram which provided the legendary golden fleece, the regent planet of this sign is Mars (Ares' Roman name) and according to the astrologers this relationship gives the people of Aries the characteristic of "Dominance" and "Strength" making them the modern equivalent of Spartans.

Ares was known as a unpredictable and powerful god, unlike his half-sister Athena he represented the more physical and bloody side of war, he was considered insatiable, murderous, destructive and overwhelming, his cult wasn't as spread in Greece as it was in Rome, however his quintessential cult was in Sparta, who considered him the ideal soldier. Despite not being as handsome as his brothers Ares possessed many lovers and a large number of children, among his most notable offspring are: Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Terror), also his daughter and lover Enyo (Bloodshed) although in other traditions Enyo is replaced by Eris (discord), other prominent children of the god are Princess Atalanta (the peerless huntress) Eros and Anteros (Love and Desire) and Harmonia (Harmony) with whom he fathered Otrere (founder of the Amazons).

One of the most known myths of Ares is his affair with Aphrodite, the lovers met in secret until caught in a trap of Hephaestus and were exposed to ridicule in front of the other gods.

So there you have it, do you think this god represents well the people of Aries? I'd love to read your opinions and also what's your zodiac sign, what other myths of Ares would like to share? do you think there's another god who is a better representation of Aries? and if so, who is it?.

And as thanks for your support and kindness I want to dedicate today's illustration to some of my favorite Steemians
@mctiller @calabozocriollo @cryptoeater @psychedelicwolf @monju @lost-ninja @reinaldoverdu @calluna
I hope you enjoy the god of war and his favored constellation :)

ares con constelacion.jpg


You know nothing John Snow.

great my friend, although I would like to see it in colors, you have my support

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