Graffiti - Expression or Disrespect? - Van Trip Part 3

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Graffiti, It's been going on for years, but is it an expression of a supressed section of society or is it a damn right travesty and lack of respect?
In parts one and two, I detailed sections of my van road trip and the exploration of some WW2 defensive structures. Once inside, I found they were all decorated with graffiti and sponsored 'art' - In this case, some welded words in the window of the lookout tower. The meaning is a bit cryptic to me?

Prisoner Of War.jpg
In some respects I can appreciate the art that has gone into some of the murals.
Graffitti (1).JPG
Amongst some of the 'art' (term used loosely), are some strange 'tags'.
Graffitti (5).JPG
Other pictures are of an amatuer standard.
Graffitti (2).JPG
I am surprised that no one has bought these buildings and refurbished them.
Graffitti (6).JPG

Graffitti (4).JPG

Graffitti (3).JPG

Shadows of graffiti.jpg
In my opnion, this is a series of blasphemous acts, disrespecting our heritage and values.


Howdy sir preppervetuk! yes sir I agree, very disrespectful in this situation. I like certain graffiti artists where they are paid to paint murals but not here on these.

I'm with you on that one. I suppose the saving grace is the fact that the graffiti is on the inside (Damage Limitation)?

yes sir very true, I wonder why it's only on the inside though? oh well, just be thankful it is I suppose.

It's expression when you draw on your own things. It's disrespect when you draw on other people's things without permission. I don't think this rule has changed since cave days but maybe it has in Upside Down Land.

Kids! Maybe in the future, once they've grown up a bit, they'll realise and appreciate the ways of the world/heritage and sacrifices from history.

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