Foodie and mister Foodie own a house!

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And Foodie completely forgot to take pictures...

I told mister Foodie this morning, I should not forget to take pictures today, like I did yesterday. I forgot again.


So pictures are still on their way. Instead, have a look at our messy home with part of our stuff packed.


It's not nearly everything ofcourse. Sadly.

I'm so tired already!

We got the keys yesterday morning. We visited the house for final inspection and then went to the notary for the official buying/selling part of the day. After that, the house was ours!

The woman selling the house left it in perfect condition. She had tidied up the garden really well and had added a couple of plants to both outside and inside the house to make it look like people were still living there. In addition to the things she was going to leave behind for us, she left even more behind. A cabinet or two, an extra little garden set and another small garden table and even a laundry drying rack. How nice of her, right? I was so happy!

This house, it is awesome. Plenty of places to sit in the shadow and oh my gosh the views! Trees everywhere! We're right at the edge of the park and we're in the middle of nature. Even with a road not too far away, we can't see it because of all of the trees. There's hardly ever a car on it aswell.

So, after the official stuff was over, we headed back over there with a measuring tape to make sure the furniture we wanted would fit. It will fit, but it'll be tight. We decided that's okay though, since we really want this big, comfy couch.

We then headed to Ikea to buy smaller items and also headed over to a hardware store to give our final judgement on the loungeset we want to buy. We took some bug nets thingies with us for our doors and then headed back to our old home.

In the evening, we went back to our new house with my sister in-law and my father in-law. She liked the place, but I think he only saw how busy we would be with the garden. So, not too enthousiastic. Oh well, we're the ones who have to live there.

Today, my mother in-law came over here and we loaded up her van to take over to our new house. We unloaded but decided not to go a second time. It was so hot outside and we were really tired.

Basically, the awesome weather came a couple of days too soon. It's too hot to do much moving, but it would have been perfect to sit outside on our new loungeset.

We'll go again tomorrow, probably by the end of the morning, so I'm pretty sure we'll only do the one trip again. Pretty slow going like that, but can't really help it! My mum will be sleeping over after her course, so she'll finally get to see the house tomorrow evening. She can't wait!

On saturday, my husband will head over to the city with my mother in-law's partner to pick up the couch and loungeset. My mum and I will go to the house to start building the Ikea furniture, while the guys will pick up our bigger furniture.

We're hoping we'll be pretty far along by then, so we can start actually living in our new place. We'll see how it goes.

I'll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow!

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sounds like you found yourself an ideal spot! congrats on the house😊

An ideal spot indeed! I still can't believe this place is ours! Thank you so much :D

My dear foodie I hope you're OK, we haven't heard from you too long!:(

Thank you so much for checking in dear inber! I'm doing well :-)

I'd been meaning to give an update, but we don't have our regular internet connection yet and I've been so busy, I didn't take the time to write through hubby's phone hotspot. It'll be two more weeks until I'm back to my regular postings I think, but I'll try to check in inbetween! Can't share pictures of my new place through this hotspot though. So sad, I really want to share this place with the Steemians :D

Hope you're doing well!

Ohhhh... Moving always have some issues:) I hope everything will be solved soon and will be really happy to read your daily posts again! And to see pictures of your new house, I remember, you promised to take some ;)

It shouldn't be long now before we have regular internet again. Next week at it's latest, which is also when hubby is returning to work. So I guess I'll be back to posting daily by then. I did manage to upload pictures today! Haven't taken any from the inside of the house yet, because it's still pretty messy, but the outside is way prettier anyway ;-)

I dislike moving because of packing and realizing i am a hoarder 🤣 but my gosh, what a wonderful feeling to be moving to your OWN house 😍🤗😍🤗

I've moved so many times by now, but I still don't like it. The first house I had bought turned out not to be a perfect fit for me, but atleast I managed to sell it for more. It led me to be able to buy this perfect house I have now, so moving into this was great! Sure, it took a lot of energy, but we had help with heavy lifting and this place is well worth the trouble :D

We'll be really happy here together and that is a wonderful feeling indeed!

OOOhhh!! NESTING!! Lovely! Wish you Happy House. :)

Awesome! I’d be curious to see how it looks once everything’s in place :)

After I've managed to empty out every box, I'll definitely show the inside of the house! Before that though, the outside needs some attention too :D

Need to wait until we have proper internet though... uploading isn't working for me right now. Two more weeks!

Good packing right there @playfulfoodie! 😁

Can't wait to see the house but you'll have plenty of time to post photographs of it soon.

Wishing you well with the rest of the move. 😊

Thank you so much @gillianpearce! I was planning on showing pictures of the outside today, but uploading isn't working over this shared phone wi-fi hotspot. I'll have to wait until after the 16th for our regular internet connection to start.

We still have some unpacking to do, but most is done by now. We're having lovely weather to enjoy our new garden :D

I'm looking forward to your photographs once you get your regular internet connection sorted out on the 16th. In the meantime, enjoy the garden and may the sun keep shining for you! 😍

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