Bye bye Beard! Well mostly, time for summer!

in blog •  10 months ago

Today I shaved off most of my glorious winter beard for summer. It’s getting warm and I find it’s really bothering our new baby when I carry him around and cuddle him.


So here’s the new me

Temporarily at least, not sure how long I’ll rock the musketeer look before I break down and finally shave the rest of.

Here’s the before photo with my glorious beard.


Here it is so you can appreciate the length.


Of course I also had to try a couple other styles while I was shaving.


These side burns didn’t go over very well with wife, so they couldn’t stay.


Lastly here is the full goatee before I finally settled on the cleaned up musketeer look.


There’s the happy musketeer!

Footer by @bearone

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Hahsha experimenting with your beard, that's the best of it hahsha looks like you can make do with the last one, you should audition for an adventure movie


Man, that would be so much fun, being in an adventure movie, alas I'll just have to try to live me own adventures!


Yes trying pirate of the carribean lol it would be amazing, hahsha

That stache is amazing. I think my wife would never talk to me again if I did beard for me.


Yeah, she was pretty reluctant to leave the house with

Haha nice goatie pony lol!!! Looking smooth with the new mo style man!!! Hope the fam and new addition are all doing well.


Thanks man, the new baby is well, just the terrible colic is starting to catch up to us! Just means the big ones are spending more days at grams and daycare.

Better than shaving it when summer ends and you have bright white patch on your face


Yeah, I may have to get rid of the rest before I do end up with a funny white patch.


Beards are the best, even in summer. Do it in an Australian summer fornextra points.

Just kidding about the unfollowed bit.


not a fan of the musketeer look? It was never as epic as yours.


Too much of a fan of the full beard!

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