Website update: Silver Coin products loaded

in #blog3 years ago (edited)

All products loaded and ready to rock. I've actually closed seven orders already! Being a merchant is fun.



I tried the link, but its not working for me. - Site down or link broken by chance?

I tried it also. You have to add a . next to www, then it works.

Thanks, I need a bigger phone, missed the obvious!

Lol. No worries.

its fixed, sorry about that!

You can make that 8 orders. I didn't see air-tite capsules for these, do you have them available also?

If that was you that ordered, thank you so much

You are very welcome. I'm sure it won't be my last order and I'll be spreading the word.

I really appreciate it! I put a lot of time in making an elegant piece of metal! Cheers

i forgot to put the '.' after the www. its fixed now.

Also, i didn't think to purchase the air tight holders. I'll make a bulk order for them.

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