Soon Vacation

in #blog5 years ago (edited)

We have planned a vacation at last.

Vegetable garden, programming, life, children - all this is good. But we must also rest from this. We planned a trip to the Black Sea. We go for 5 days to the Odessa region. The resort town of ZATOKA. The city is located on the KAROLIN-BOGAZ spit.


Here is the link to google map:,30.4791535,6281m/data=!3m1!1e3

On one side of the spit the Dniester estuary, on the other side the Black Sea.

We go to the recreation center GULFSTRIM. Today we have booked a cottage.
We already rested on this base. Here is a photo from past years.


We leave there in about two weeks.

P.S. Now the wife requires a new swimsuit and new slippers


Yes! I want a new swimsuit!

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