Chinese cherry

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I want to show one of the varieties of cherries, which grows in my garden.

For our region, this is not a normal variety. We call this cherry - Chinese cherry.


The berry is slightly smaller than the usual cherry.


She tastes like a normal cherry, only without sourness and sweeter.
Bone very small, like a large grape.

At us because of heat, berries have already started to dry up directly on a tree

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Thank you bot!!!!

I like this chines chery


I like it too!



Nice pictures!



Nanking cherries. They got a lot of names, like Korean cherry, Manchu cherry, downy cherry, Shanghai cherry, Ando cherry, mountain cherry, Chinese bush cherry, Chinese dwarf cherry and so on. They are very tasty. Upvoted.


Oh, thanks for the correct title.


You are welcome M8

I wanna taste it


Look at the markets of your city