The Importance of a Correct Cleaning of Stairs

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Stair cleaning is recommended to be carried out periodically, although this will be determined by the number of people who use them and also by the existence of an elevator on the farm, in which case, the dirt on the stairs will be less. Although sometimes the feeling of dirt is not appreciated, the importance of cleaning the stairs lies in the maintenance and conservation of the same. Stairways with periodic cleaning will show an important freshness due to the care received and, in the long term, no disbursements will have to be made to repair or clean them.

The issue of cleaning stairs and portals goes beyond hygiene, it is about keeping them beautiful and lengthening their useful life. It is the letter of presentation of the image of the cleaning of a building and, if they are inside a house, more importance still has its conservation.

Among the aspects to consider in the cleaning of stairs there is a protagonist that in many occasions is the great forgotten: the railing. It is very good to maintain the cleanliness of the steps since they are the ones that receive the impacts of the shoes with the dirt that they have attached, the lint and other dust and debris that accumulate. This is all necessary, but what is mandatory is the cleaning of the handrail as it is a source of germs and bacteria. They receive the caresses of a multitude of hands throughout a day, so not to contemplate the handrail in a cleaning service of stairs is a big mistake and in matters of hygiene it is very important to avoid infections.


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General procedure for cleaning stairs

This section refers to the cleaning in general in terms of the order that the different tasks responsible for leaving unpolluted stairs must carry. In the next section we will stop more in the techniques and products suitable for cleaning stairs depending on the nature of the material that composes them. The cleaning of stairs must have its beginning on the upper floors and go down so as not to dirty the clean.

Railing and walls: the first step is to start at the high areas so that the dirt will fall on the ground. The handrail, as we have already mentioned, is of special importance, so a disinfectant product should be applied with a microfiber cloth. On the walls it is enough to pass a duster or cloth to remove the accumulated dust particles.

Step Sweep:

To sweep the stairs you can use a soft bristle broom, a mop traps dust or a vacuum, if the surface allows it.

Scrubbing of the staircase: the main thing is to signal that the stairs are wet to avoid any kind of incident with the tenants of the community. You can use the double cube method, a first pass with a cube with product and then another with water only. This would be the method if there was a lot of dirt. We must bear in mind the importance of passing the mop well drained because, in a community of neighbors, the passage of people is usually important and the more drained is the mop, before it will dry and avoid accidents and possible footprints.

Persistent stains: if, after the routine of cleaning stairs, some stains continue to be present, these should be treated according to the type of surface that the staircase conforms to. It is clear that the sooner the stain is attacked, the easier it will be to eliminate it.

Cleaning of stairs according to the types of material

In the same way that ladders of different types of materials can be constructed, ladder cleaning techniques must be adapted to each case. The products must be specific for each material to avoid messiness and, in case of persistent staining, to know how to treat them so as not to damage the material.

Cleaning wooden stairs

The wooden stairs in a building give an image of elegance for its great finish, but also brings with it the problem of possible deterioration. The cleaning of wooden stairs, requires applying certain cleaning techniques with a certain periodicity to have them in optimal conditions and to extend their useful life, and so they look like the first day.

Applying natural waxes to wooden stairs makes the rungs that comprise it enjoy greater protection and continue to maintain the durability of the wood and maintain its quality. These waxes help against the worst enemy of this type of stairs, the scratches typical of their daily use, so when they are nourished they are more resistant. To maintain a natural brightness it would be necessary to clean the stairs daily.

cleaning stairs

Another star product in the cleaning of wooden stairs is flaxseed oil that contains a lot of oleic acids and nourishes the wood providing a great shine. It must be applied in the direction of the stair vein. The linseed oil has to dry very well, and then pass a cloth to enhance the shine. Therefore, applying it on community ladders can cause inconveniences because it is very difficult for people not to use them.

For cleaning wooden stairs that have stains can be remedied by rubbing with a damp cloth and neutral soap, although if the stain is old it may be convenient to resort to other methods.

Cleaning natural stone stairs

Stairs built with natural stone such as granite, sandstone or slate should be subjected to gentle cleaning techniques so as not to damage the material. When using this material on stairs, the stone is treated and polished. Even so, it requires care to improve its conservation and prevent its deterioration. In the case of sweeping to remove dust, the broom should be composed of very soft bristles. The vacuum cleaner is not recommended to avoid stripes on the steps of the staircase, but if necessary, it should be passed superficially, as if levitated, to avoid direct contact with the surface, but giving space to collect the waste.

cleaning stairs

As for the cleaning of stairs that includes scrubbing, this should be carried out with products formed in its entirety or containing alcohol that the stone stairs will thank for its early drying.

In case the stone of the stairs presents some stain, it can be rubbed with a cloth moistened in water with neutral soap. Ammonia diluted in water is also used. It should be dried with a soft cloth quickly to avoid the appearance of dull stains. What should never be applied, and it is a fairly common mistake, is bleach. This product tends to yellow the stone.

Marble stairs cleaning

We have placed the marble in a separate section of the natural stone stairs due to its special characteristics. It is a very resistant and durable material whenever it is treated with special care that extends its useful life. At the same time it is delicate, especially for being a porous stone.

The cleaning of marble stairs is done in a normal way as far as sweeping. Scrubbing should be carried out using products that respect this type of material since it reacts with unsightly stains if it comes in contact with abrasive or acidic products.

cleaning stairs

In the tasks of prevention of stains in marble, it is necessary to carry out periodic waxing to protect its delicate and porous surface. With these waxes the pores are sealed protecting them from dirt and giving them shine. If spots still appear, they can be treated with a damp cloth and neutral soap if they have just been produced. In case of persistent spots, you can fight against them with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.

When the marble begins to deteriorate or retains resistant stains, a polish must be made to restore the shine of the first day. The polishing of marble can be done manually using abrasive powder or granular products and also mechanically with rotating machines with which it will recover its splendor.

Cleaning of tile stairs

Tile stairs are very resistant, they only suffer when a heavy or sharp object that could damage the surface falls. For the cleaning of tile stairs you can use the general procedure, a sweeping and scrubbing, but always using products with neutral pH.

The possible stains received by the tiles can be cleaned without much difficulty, although it is not advisable to use strong products that affect their enamel and make them lose shine and accelerate their wear. Something that is very effective is the cleaning of tile stairs with a mixture of hot water and vinegar to remove stubborn stains.

cleaning stairs

The most complicated of the cleaning of tile stairs are the joints, especially when they are white. So that they can recover their initial whiteness, a paste can be used mixing baking soda and water and letting rest for a few minutes, later the dirt that this mixture expelled from the joint is collected. Whitening products that work quite well are also sold in drugstores and specialized stores.

Cleaning of carpeted stairs

The cleaning of carpeted stairs is always done with a vacuum cleaner. As the floor is not visible, the carpet is the surface that receives all the dirt and the one that must be taken care of. With a daily aspirate is more than enough. If you can not do it every day, do not have to space it too much, since you can form a nest of dirt that affects the composition of the carpet and it is damaged or deformed.

If the carpet has stains must be treated with special products such as dry cleaning themselves for it or proceed to cleaning, but always by a professional to avoid greater evils.

cleaning stairs

We see that the cleaning of stairs is a necessary task to keep the community of neighbors clean or on the interior stairs of a house. The cleaning procedure does not have any complexity, you just have to be clear about the type of material that makes up the stairs to respect the conservation of them and know the most effective way to eliminate stains that may have been created on the surface.

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