How to install a projector on the ceiling?

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How to install a projector on the ceiling?

In Indigo Projectors we will explain how to install a projector on the ceiling. Avoid tripping over loose wires, reduce shadows and always look more professional.


This guide is intended to explain what is required for the installation from the general point of view but it can be risky if you have no experience managing wiring or the drill. We recommend you contact a professional technician in wiring and installation of projectors.

As it does not hurt to know what you need so that your installation is perfectly as you see it, here we leave you our guide:

Choose the location of the projector

First of all we have to make sure that we have the right projector for the image size we want to project. We can make tests using the zoom and trapezoidal corrector of the projector until we calculate the distance to which the image will remain. It is very important to check that the brightness of the image is the ideal, to make a larger image you have to move the projector away from the wall and therefore, it tends to be less bright.

If you want to know how much brightness your projector needs, we already made an article on this. Here you can find it

Install the wiring

Electrical preparation is required on the roof so that the projector can be connected with its power cord. Additionally, we will need video cable: it can be VGA (old) or HDMI (we recommend version 1.4) since most computers, video encoders, videogame consoles, DVDs, Roku, etc. They already have this entry. The wiring is installed directly from the projector to the area of the devices.

If you have an audio system, the wiring goes directly from the video devices or from the audio receiver to the speakers.

Choose the right support

Is your roof of a regular height or does it have a height? If it is of regular height, it will be enough with a conventional support with an extension of 43 to 65 cm at the most, something similar to this one . If your ceiling has a height, you will need to look for a support with an extension according to the height of the ceiling, as well as these.

If you want to give more personality and automation to your installation you can opt for a motorized support that is concealed in a false ceiling or ceiling lamp like these electric supports with remote control.

Do not forget to check the load capacity of the support, the simplest ones support around 10 kilos and the basic projectors weigh 5kg. It is worth reviewing the weight of your projector very well and if your support has the adequate capacity.

Arming the support kit

Since we know where the projector will be installed, we will assemble the support. Most of the supports are divided into two parts: the part that is screwed to the projector and the extension that is attached to the ceiling. First the section of the projector is screwed. Each stand has its own instructions, which we manage is an X that is screwed to each corner below the projector. Since it is well secured, you have to fix the part of the roof. The ceiling support must be centered on the screen where it will be projected.

(You have to be careful not to "sweep" the screws)

Projector settings

Your projector is already on the ceiling with the support. Now You can configure the image inside the menu so that the image does not look upside down.

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