Why I Never smoke.

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Hi! this blog is short and a bit different from other blogs.
My entire life I grew up around people who smoke all the time. Even my father smokes all the time!!!
And when everyone around you smokes, you are more likely to smoke as well.
I have not smoked a single cigarette in my entire life, not only because of health,
See, back home one cigarette pack cost an average of $10. If you smoke one pack per day like my dad
that's $300 per month and $3600 per year. And because smoking is so addictive that could be up to
$144,000 in a lifetime of smoking.
I did this exact math at the age of 10 and realized instead of burning this money
dollar by dollar
I rather save it up dollar by dollar and buy an actual Ferrari for $144,000, so that when I retire
I can drive a Ferrari with healthy lungs!!
That's for today, see you tomorrow.
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Because you are good boy ......@cleverbot ha ha

Do you think I am a Cleverbot like you?

That's ignorant.

I have not smoked a single cigarette in my entire life, not only because of health,

thank you for this informative post

Very good bro......keep it up.

Glad you liked it mate.

Such an amzing content. Thanks for sharing this with us.

thanks bhai appreciated..

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Why are you screwed mate

Smoking is harmful for health and family

Yes mate true.

Smoking is like killing your self.. good advice

Glad you liked it.

yeah smoke is bed even i want to leave it .

I don't have any experience but since everyone says why not try nicotex

Yes syre i am trying to leave it and using different different things for it

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Hope you get success.

Well said this is a interesting fact. Yes you can spend this money on other useful things.

Ya, this was one of my point.

U r great bro keep going never smoke.

Thannk you mate.


Decission is in our hands.

it is bad for health

Yes mate indeed.

smoking is not good for your health :(

In our religion we don't smoke or eat tomabacoo


What country is that?

Are you from Punjab?

Yess Buddy .. i m from punjab

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Okay dn how come your religion doesnot allow you to smoke,, I have punjabi friends that smoke and seen the film udta punjab,, I am not saying you smoke just wanna clearify my doubts, don't get me wrong

Smoking is actually really bad.

That's right smoke is not a good habit

Yes mate, where r u from?

@pankuvirat Good one friend.

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