Wind Meter Installation

in blog •  6 months ago

In our pursuit to deliver the best service possible, we have collaboratively installed a wind meter on Blown Island.

This would not have been possible without the help of The Wind Op. Most of their wind meters are overseas, but they are working at getting them placed around the United States.

Blown Kiteboarding was fortunate enough to be the recipient of The Wind Op’s first wind meter on U.S. soil. The soil happens to be a spoil island where we conduct all of our lessons.
Why is this important? Previously we have relied on weather data that is not for our exact location. When you are dealing with thermal winds specifically, there can be a wide variance of wind speed from one location to another. In fact, we believe that our location gets slightly more wind than many of the locations on Bogue Banks.

hallelujah! actual data!!

We will now be able to verify this information with actual data! The wind can be a fickle thing, having more tools at our disposal will allow us to be more precise when planning our lessons. This in turn will be a greater value to our customers.

We also have a large number of people who use our ticket to ride option. For those people doing a day trip from New Bern, Greenville, or even Raleigh, they will now be able to look and see exactly what the wind is blowing before making the drive. There have been many times people have decided not to come because the forecast did not look good and we had a great day of wind.

There have also been times when it happened the other way around. Having this ability to check the wind will be an invaluable service to all of those who drive to play for the day. Now they can drive with a greater assurance they will score some wind!

It is always our goal to improve upon what we are doing here at Blown Kiteboarding. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of this major improvement not only for Blown, but the entire Crystal Coast.

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