Why you should self destruct every so often

in #blog5 years ago

When you think you know something, break everything down.

Move. Change. Flow. Become nothing again. Don’t be an expert. Be a lifelong beginner. And never, ever become comfortable. Soon life will begin to look like this.

Your first leap is overwhelming. The mind wants to hold on to certainties. You define yourself by labels—I’m a bestselling author, I’m a corporate executive, I’m a yoga teacher—and suddenly you’re nothing.

Soon though, you realize everything connects.

Life is one stream of continuous learning. Writing a novel makes you a million times more intuitive as a corporate executive. Sleeping on the floor of an ashram and taking cold showers for a year makes you more honest in your business career because you know deep within you that you’ll survive just fine if everything shatters. As a result, you always do the right thing. Each time you fill your well with new experiences, it’ll flood every part of your life with new ideas.

Keep coming back
Successful people are consistent. What you’re looking for is not variety but nuance. Take a free fall and learn new things but come back to your trade deeper, more three-dimensional. Business is my dharma. Writing helps me make sense of the world. I’ll keep coming back. And hopefully I’ll see you here.

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now, I’ll be mad

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