Morning mantra

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" I know what I want and what I am being empowered to create"

What is you want to achieve in your life?
Do you dare to go for it or sit back and wait for it come to you?
Waiting for it? Nope! It ain't going to happen, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Every morning for the past week I have been meditating first thing upon rising. No getting out of bed... I set my alarm, have a drink and start meditating. It's the best time of day to do it. My mind is not cluttered with thoughts of what happened during the day. Instead my thoughts are what I desire to achieve for the day!
I've still got many, many years left in me and I intend to use them wisely.

I intend to create a life of purpose, and of service to humanity and embrace every damn bit of it!
No holding back here! Going for it!! Who is with me? So much love to you!

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I! I think the same as you. Meditating every morning is important to focus on what we want to achieve and guide our steps towards it. Unfortunately today's life, so hectic, makes us stop doing it and it ends with people submerged in a sea of problems, many of which do not even really belong to them. Meditating then is the way. Thanks for sharing.