How To Have The Best Sleep In The World

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This is life. Some ups, more downs. Success is ephemeral, failure is never far. If you try new things, you’ll likely crumble. You’ll pick up the pieces, then you’ll crumble again. It’s messy, glorious, always work-in-progress.

Just don’t lose sleep.

Sleep is wonderful. It relaxes, rejuvenates, wipes off the failures of the day before, and helps start the new day on a blank slate.

Start Meditating

You can stop reading this post, even this blog, after reading this bullet. This is the one decision that can change the quality of your sleep forever. Meditation works in complex ways to help sleep but at its heart, it immediately pauses the restless waves of thought that are wrecking your sleep. Once you get into the rhythm, just ten minutes of meditation before hitting the bed will allow a dreamless, un-interrupted sleep for the rest of the night.

Quit Coffee

I’ve read research, most likely sponsored by the Big Food lobbies who make the biggest coffee brands in the world, extolling the benefits of coffee. One cup is good for your heart, two cups will make you immortal etc. As a recovering insomniac, I think it’s a sham. I switched coffee with herbal tea a few years ago and the calm sleep I had after having a meditation routine became even more refreshing.

Create Everyday.

Your medium of creation may be different but pour your life into creating something every day. You’ll channel a bit of the restlessness that’s robbing you of your sleep. And perhaps, even help other tormented souls make sense of their worlds one day!


Best of the best content , i've been tryin to keep my self away from coffee for week and tryin' to be as creative as I can . And for last 4 days i've seen dreams pretty clearly and sleep more than usually :)

@ourdailyboard, The effective resting phase and sleep will refresh us. Most of the people are attacked by the Stress and this stress forcing people towards staying awake at nights and putting them in the position of Overthinking and which inturn consuming their peace. Keep writing motivating pieces.

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