Earrings from Bicycle inner tubes!

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Most people have a bike with a flat tire in the garage. First of all, most flat tires can be repaired so don’t throw it away. But if you have a inner tube that is long gone, before you throw it away consider a simple, easy, cool art project that makes great gifts for friends.

The only supplies you will need are in the pictures below plus a scissors.

Start by using the scissors to cut a piece from the inner tube where the ridge will be in the center. Make the piece in the shape of a feather with the ridge down the center similar to the rachis of a feather.

Next you will need to cut the inner tube to make the barbs appear feathery.

Now cut a length of wire about 3 inches long (6.5 cm) and pierce the inner tube with the wire.

Using your pliers wrap a short length of the wire around the top of the inner tube to secure it to the wire. Now you are ready to add beads.

Add the beads in any configuration you desire.

Finally make a ring at the top above the beads and open the earring ear wire to connect it to the feather piece.

Total length of time for project 15 minutes.

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Great recycling post !

I bet they'd go over well with cyclists. I go through one of those tubes per month a minimum, lol.