Couples who play together stay together

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Kiteboarding is a passion and requires commitment, time, and energy, especially when you are first learning. It can be a stressor on a relationship if one person is passionate about kiting; always wanting to go, flaking out on plans if the wind comes up, spending a lot of money on equipment… etc, etc.
It is great to see couples kiting together for a lot of reasons, and while I don’t necessarily believe that “couples who play together, stay together” is true in all circumstances. I do think that it’s true with kiters, and here’s why.

It's nice to have a buddy in the sport

It’s not impossible to ride alone. I have done it a lot. You can launch and land to an anchor, but it is so much more fun to ride with a friend. And what better companion than your partner. Launching and landing is much safer when you have another person especially when it’s someone that you have an established understanding with. Someone who knows your routines with launching, someone who won’t let the kite go until they see you give a thumbs up. Someone who doesn’t mind walking the kite out into the water away from the traffic of of a busy beach.

Saves money

The equipment for kite surfing can be quite expensive. If you and your partner kite together you can “split” a kite quiver. As long as you are at least 25lb / 10kg different then you can get by with only 4-5 kites when as an individual you would need at least 3. Same situation with the boards. My boyfriend and I have a kiteboarding business and have every size kite from a 5-19 meters. But if we were to share a quiver it would be a 7-9-12-15. When I am on the 7m he would be on the 9m. When I am on the 12m he is on the 15m. We are 30lb different.

Travel together

When choosing your next vacation if your lover doesn’t like to kite, then you might be missing out on traveling to some awesome locations with good vibes and windy skies. Kite vacations together are the best. I recently travelled to Thailand and experienced my first vacation with out kiting or surfing and it was rough. I decided that when I travel I want to kite or surf, period. If I am going to be spending all that money on accommodations and food, then there better be some recreation that I enjoy. And I don’t want my partner sitting on the sidelines.

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This is especially true today, I can see that many families will have problems, each member is too busy with his/her smartphone, even around the dinner table. People are spending less quality time with one another.
Games and hobbies are a good start to build a solid relationship.

Sport is not suposed to be something you do alone or on your own.

Oh how nice! I would also like to have a partner who loves this sport or would be willing to learn it. I envy you in a positive way! All the best!


I am willing to learn, lol @kati1971


That‘s a good idea 😉👍🏻

Relationship connotes an exchange of energy between two or more people.
In a love affair, when couples play together, the exchange of energy makes the love adventure pleasurable and worthwhile.
Thanks @ourdailyboard

That's is a very true fact i have seen that too the more closer you two are the better the relationship