Tiny Living Goes Wild: 6 weeks in 1.5 square metres

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Despite the fact that I've packed up my life, planned a trip to the Aussie Outback, and hit the road -- I am fundamentally quite lazy. I had originally planned to camp my way from Sydney to Uluru and this is where things became quite stuck. The idea of setting up camp and packing it down every stop during the very long 6,000km trip did not appeal to my imagined scenario of rolling up, opening a bottle of wine and enjoying the view.

Then I recalled that one time a few years back when I was caught in a roaring thunderstorm in my tiny hiking tent on top of a hill and frantic Googling told me getting in my car was my best bet for staying alive. This was when I learned that the Tardis-like proportions of the just over one metre square boot space in a Honda Jazz (Fit) and my rather diminutive proportions as a tiny human worked together quite well. With this in mind I did some research and text some pics from this page to my brother-in-law (the genius German handyman) to see if he could perhaps fashion something to make life a little easier on the road. His response: "Sure can", accompanied by instructions to bring a glue stick and everything that was to be taken on the trip to his place.

The Making of Camper Jazz

With this rudimentary enquiry Thelma-Louise was born. I have never been one to name vehicles however the resultant marvel of modern engineering has forced me to reconsider this stance. Weeks of work, over 300 screws and the functionality of a proper campervan warrant significant acknowledgement and so a name was proclaimed.

Out and About with Thelma-Louise

The process of design involved Rob (the brother-in-law) moving bits about in my car like a real life Tetris game and me trying my very best not to interrupt his creative process with incessant talking about how excited I was about each move in his game. A few weeks later and my idea of a bit of a platform to sleep on with a bit of space underneath had morphed in to his vision of a sleeping deck with more storage than an Ikea wardrobe and a pull out kitchen/work station. I am seriously considering formally changing my name to Dr Who.

What's inside Thelma-Louise?

What's inside Thelma

  • Foam mattress
  • Down quilt
  • Sleeping bag
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Pillow
  • 5 pairs shoes
  • 5 draws of clothes (for all weather, it gets surprisingly cold at night in the Outback!)
  • 60 litres water
  • Esky
  • Food storage for two weeks
  • The kitchen sink
  • Cutlery, crockery and cookware
  • Gas cooker
  • Lantern
  • Torch
  • 20 pockets of tools and bits
  • Camp shower
  • Maps
  • First Aid kit
  • Charging station for kindle, laptop, phone, camera
  • Camera and tripod
  • 2 x large storage tubs
  • 1 x small storage tub
  • Stool
  • Fold up table
  • 2 x tarps
  • Picnic blanket
  • Toiletries draw
  • Hammock
  • Hiking tent
  • Firelighting bits and bobs
  • 2 x Mosquito nets
  • Camp toilet
  • Washing bag
  • Pegs
  • 4 x ropes
  • Clothesline
  • Spare tyre (not pictured)
  • Jack
  • 2 x bottles of wine (for view enjoyment purposes only)

And with that my road trip dreams began in comfort and the occasional odd look as I pull in between banks of giant RVs and caravans. She certainly is a conversation starter. It might not seem like much space but with Outback Australia as my backyard there's no complaints.

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That's awesome!! I have a friend in Colorado who travels like that as well !!


It is pretty cool. It took me a week to get used to the tiny space but now it's getting pretty comfy.

What a clever idea. A pickup truck with canopy might also work. I have long thought of undertaking a long journey in this way, but alas, I can't afford a car!

I would have shared this post (is that the same thing as "resteeming" it?) but I can[t work out how exactly.


@brianvds I actually resteemed it too. :)


I wanted to but can]t work out how. And I still can]t work out whether sharing and resteeming means the same thing.


😊 thanks so much. That's very cool for a newbie like me


Hey thanks for your nice comments. I have no idea about reteeming and sharing but I'm super flattered that you want to share it


Sharing/resteeming is apparently one way to increase one's own reach around here, and I like to do it anyway on all social media, with posts worth sharing. Incidentally, I checked out your blog; love your photography too.

In the meantime I find Steemit a bit of a mystery, with a whole incomprehensible vocabulary of its own, and completely mysterious criteria by which the worth of content or authors are measured.


It is a steep learning curve that is for sure but everyone seems super helpful. I think there's a chat you can join that might help


Thanks so much. I don't update the old blog too often unfortunately. Soon I'll do something with it. Too many plans, too little time 😊

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Brilliant - maybe your brother-in-law should patent the design!

We saw all sorts of interesting caravan and trailer setups in Oz, but as an old guy I'm probably well past those days, though when you get to my NZ posts you'll see we are thinking about Freedom Camping with a caravan if we can get back there!

That's a jaw dropping list!!!


I know right! If you want a building job done well call in a German engineer :)