What Does LOVE Mean To YOU?

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If you had to say, "I love you" without using the word love— what would you say? What does the word love mean to you?

Image - Hands making a heart. And the word Love

The word love. It has so much meaning. It has a different meaning to different people. Sometimes it has different meaning depending on who it is referring to. Sometimes it has different meaning based on the context the word is used. It can even have different meaning depending on the way it's said.

If you had to say, "I love you" without using the word love— what would you say?

When you say, "I love you" to your husband or wife does it mean something different than when you say, "I love Michael Jackson" as a superstar?

When you say, "I love you" to your best friend after laughing at one of their hilarious jokes, does it mean something different than when you say, "Oh my gosh, I love you!" to someone just after they've given you a gift?

Some languages have many ways of saying I love you. The ancient Greeks had six words for love:

  • Eros meaning sexual drive or sexual desire, attraction, the passion to mate
  • Philia or strong likeness, for deep friendship, affinity, the love because you're similar to myself
  • Philautia means the natural love of oneself, approval of oneself, driven by biological need of self-preservation
  • Pragma means acceptance or long-term love, often detached and associated with freedom giving
  • Agape meaning the universal love one feels or the belief that everyone is inheriantly good but misunderstood
  • Ludus or flirty love/like, limerance, crush, puppy love, teasing love, playful and new love

In Spanish we say, "I love you" in many ways as well. Two examples are:

  • Te Amo means I love you, usually to a lover
  • Te Quero means I love you, but more properly "I want you."

In American English, love has many synonyms, and love is a synonym for many words.

What does love mean to you— in a relationship?

What does love mean to you— toward your offspring?

What does love mean to you— toward strangers?

Is there such a thing as "tough love?"

Do you feel like sacrificial love is superior to selfish love? If so, why?

Do you feel like loving yourself is wrong? If so, why?

Do you feel like loving yourself is essential? If so, why?

Do you think God is love? Do you think love is God?

How about unconditional love, do you think it exists?

Do you love me? If so, what does that mean? If not, why do you not?

What inspires you to use love as a term?

  • Because you need it/them?
  • Because you want it but don't have it/them?
  • Because it/them rejects you?
  • Because you want to help it/them?
  • Because you are concerned for it/them?
  • Because you were told it's right?
  • Because you agree?
  • Because its stimulating?
  • etc... what else? Why?

Is love beautiful to you?

Is it exciting? Is it frightening?

Is it dangerous? Is it painful or pleasurable?

Can you define love?

Do you define love with a dictionary, or your heart? Or, do you define it with your mind or by a rulers saying?

Can you love in scale? Can you love more? Can you love less? Can love die?

When do you feel love is faked? When do you feel love is a lie?

Can one person's love be more than another person's love?

Can you love a plant? Can a plant love you?

Can you love a pet snake? Does the pet snake love you the same way in return?

Do you love being challenged? Do you love being unchallenged?

Is love a feeling to you? Or is it an action?

What does love mean to you?
What does the word love mean to you?
What does the concept of love mean to you?

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Love is very deep in its meaning. To me, it is compromise, sacrifice, respect for the person you love. I also think that both partners should put efforts in the relationship. If there are compromises and sacrifices from only one side, then this type of love is toxic. It’s not love, actually.

Love definitely has various meaning with different people whom we are connected with and its usually expressed in various ways.

The 'Love' word seems small but we can write a whole encyclopedia on it.

Yes, you are absolutely correct there. Love is really such a short word but too many underlying meanings with it. For me, it varies to different people who you say it to. I say "I love you" to my boyfriend because that is what I really feel towards him. Because I want to stay with him for the rest of my life. I don't know. HAHA :D Love is just too broad to explain. Too many meanings. But I guess, it doesn't matter how you define it. What matters is, the feeling in your heart when you say it :)

I love this post: resteemed!

Please add a ”i” to ”Quero ” , because Te Quiero mucho! 😜

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Love is a many splendor things.
When Im in love i wil show it to the fullest.I love to say I love you all the time to my love to my family but the best expression of my love is not because of what i utter to my mouth but on what i did it to them for love.My action n loving them is much more vulnerable with sincerity than what i said.
There are people who easily said I love you but if how easy they said it,that is how much they easily forget.
Mahal kita in Filipino language,,Gihigugma ta ka in one dialect of native Filipino Kaluguran da ka is also i love you in anofher paft of Philippines.One meaning in different language in different action but love has only one meaning.Love is love.God is love .Love is God.
Be kind and good to everyone there is no need to say I love you..because action speaks louder than word itself

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Beautiful post


Thank you so much @resteeme6

  ·  last year (edited)

I can't escape the contemplation. Love is so obvious. Maybe so simple. You know how a problem can sometimes be answered so easily that the obvious answer just can't be seen? There are 7 billion people on the planet with 7 billion individual definitions of the concept of love...different associations; which concept informs everything they are and everything they do.

I feel in this moment in my life that love is a ladder, with every new understanding of it like another rung; every new handhold brighter; every new footing stronger.

“I think that sometimes when you have great joy, maybe you also have to receive great pain. That all things reach a balance, and that this is the way it has to be. When I am thinking this, I remember that there are so many many ways to gain, but you can’t appreciate gain without loss. When you have gained something and then lose it, gain begins to mean more. Its meaning becomes deeper. And how many the ways of losing…” Mary was crying gently.
“But why?” she asked. I kept talking.
“Wouldn’t it be the same with love? With joy? We come back in either circles or spirals depending on whether we have learned enough to move forward, but always we come back and lose with a different quality. Always we come back and gain with a different quality. And then gain means more to us.”
“But for what?”
“Deeper and more expansive gratitude. To learn gratitude. Ever more appreciation. I think everything is about that. Eventually, gratitude without conditions. Finally, maybe Grace. I don’t know.” Mary stopped crying and studied me.
“Gratitude.” She said it as if the word was sinking in. Her face was so expressive.

Maybe today, were I so moved by a person, rather than say, "I love you," and feel that the words are too empty for my gratitude, perhaps I would say, today, "You teach me and leave me lighter."


Oeeee... A post to my heart

Its such a divers word actually because it applies to so many people but in totally different forms. Ive only discovered true love in a partner in the last couple of years and this was new to me..

concern, wanting the best, tears of joy and of pain all were there so vivid. It is very different than love to a family member or friend. Its scary to fall so hard and I think it will take a long time before I let myself to it again (as if you have anything to say in let myself ahahha)

I think loving yourself is essential and THE most important but that might also just be the most difficult one ;)

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Love should be like a growing tree which gives good result as it is grows more bigger and that's forever. That should grow forever in every relationship. True Love teaches us to do sacrifice.