Dum De Dum De Dum and Other Quarantine Stuff

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Another Day in the Coronapocolypse

So before all this virus nonsense began, a time so many days ago; we were in the process of booking a cruise. All I can say is,

Dodged that bullet!

I was in the middle of shaving my head a few years ago and left a little piece for shits

I even recently purchased a brand new Canon EOS R and got it updated to the latest firmware in anticipation of our travels. My plan was to take some creative shots at our various stops and actually have some new adventures to post about.

Me in front, my cousin in the back. Man, I remember actually liking Christmas.

Instead, I find myself sitting here in the house twiddling my thumbs and looking through old photo albums. I imagine these photos don't mean much to anyone else, but what the hell. I'll share some of them here on my blog for fun!!

Doxie 0117.jpg

WTF Was I Wearing?

I still remember this day.. I was sitting there in my Cross Colours shirt and sagging Dickies, and my dad said "Son! Take that shit off, I want to take a photo"

So he sent me to the bedroom with that dorky ass shirt and pants then made me take this photo. Now it's permanently on the internet because why not.

Rocking that Beat It Shirt and striped socks

That's little ol' me back in 1982. My brother, sister and I all got the same shirt. For some reason there was a period of time in the 80s when it wasn't completely lame to where the same outfit as your friends. Now it looks like you're part of a church cult.

And You gotta love my dad's Daisy Dukes.

It's so weird looking back on some of these old shots. I know it was me, but it's like it wasn't. The memories are so vague and faded. Sometimes I think about how I lived every day of my life for years and years, did so many things.. Went so many places and met so many people. Yet for some reason, I can only remember small bits and pieces.

Trolling some dude on a BBS back in 1989 or so on my friend's blazing fast 486 DX2 66Mhz Turbo

Sometimes the impermanence of things can be really painful. You never know what is going to stick in your memory. Maybe you'll remember some really intense feeling that you had when you got a kiss from someone you liked, or maybe you'll remember something stupid, like a time when you stepped in a mud puddle. It's just so random!

But what can we do, but just live life one day at a time.

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