My 80s Computer Birthday Cake (And Nerdy Gifts)

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Remembering My 40th Birthday Party

This is a birthday cake that my wife made for me from scratch for my 40th birthday party that she threw for me. It was originally going to be an Atari 800xl, but she ran out of a particular color so just sort of invented a computer instead. I think she did a great job! It tasted great too! haha. Of course even though I was a total nerd, I didn't complain that I can't type any digits on this keyboard.

My amazing computer cake designed by Amanda

Of course they also bought me an ice cream cake which I hogged to myself as much of as I could.

I didn't hog it because I didn't want to share it, but because I remember going to the bathroom and when I returned, my guests had almost completely devoured my computer cake! I wasn't about to let them take all of my delicious ice cream cake.

That bad boy was yummy!

As you can see, I was well pleased. People were already convering on me trying to get to the ice creamy goodness.

Get your eyeballs off my Ice Cream cake, Jenny!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I've always been a huge fan of Garbage Pail Kids. I've been collecting the cards since the mid 80s. A bunch of my friends got together and bought me a set of these vinyls. How cool!

Most people really have no clue why I like these things so much.

It's kind of funny when I look back on this birthday (it was 4 years ago, just getting around to posting about it) I got as many toys as a little kid that year.

This BB8 was awesome! You can control it with a phone app

Everyone did a great job with the gifts. I all so much nerdy paraphernalia. I guess everyone figured it was my big 40, so I deserved a bit of cheering up. I remember when I hit 30, I had a bit of a panic attack.

I remember waking up in a cold sweat and rolling over to my girlfriend, "Am I really 30 or was I dreaming?"

I know, it seems a bit dramatic. I haven't dealt well with adulting.

This phaser is the real deal. It has some weight to it!

My buddy Steve got me this authentic Star Trek phaser that you can use as a TV remote control. Of course I've been too scared to take it out of the package other than to check it out, because I don't want to screw it up. What an awesome gift!


I imagine that there are some people looking at this post thinking that I'm a serious dork. You'd probably be right! In fact, I just realized that it's 11PM, and I have just enough time to get in a sci-fi show before bed. Sooo... c-ya!


LOL that universal remote is funny, just hide it away from any kid Sir @nuthman. If you are 44y/old now you are just about the age of my brother and belated happy birthday :D
Your GPK collection might be worth something one day too.

i really wanted one of those BB8's. I didn't much care for the movies but the BB8 character appealed to me immensely. Do you have any pets that you get to harass with it?

haha, well unfortunately my dog Harvey passed away recently but he used to get a kick out of it. He would stand over it and bark/slobber profusely.

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