System Still Not Updated For Vaccination Records

in #blog2 years ago


I updated my overseas vaccination records on Monday but it still hasn't been updated in the main system. Talk about outdated. So used to these sort of things being updated in real time or at the very worst with an overnight batch job. To take 3 days is pretty unheard of in 2020+.

But here we are and that means that no vaccination booster booking for me. I have till March to get that done but I want to get it out of the way. Hopefully that would mean getting to travel in March and April. It is still quite a pain to travel at this point and Omicron while milder does seem to spread more and the authorities are panicking.

On the plus side, they are trying to communicate that we will have to live with the virus going forward instead of Covid 0 being the approach. As of now, reading the online forums, it doesn't seem like the public is ready to give it up. Or maybe it is a vocal minority.

Some schools have closed and there is some to come post the new year in 2 weeks but let's see. The current apartment isn't geared up for work from home like the previous one so we will see.

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