Loopring Coin Is Bleeding

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One of the hyped up coins last year was LRC after Vitalik talked about ZK coins and how they were something to look at. That sparked a hype cycle and at one point, LRC shot up from 50 cents to $3. Unfortunately, progress is rarely a straight line and now it has dropped down to the dollar range and might even go below that in the days to come.

If it goes below a dollar, I think it is a buy for the long term. Worth putting like a hundred dollars in in case it moons. I don't think it will go much lower than that with some of the big boys accumulating and if we look at total coins and market cap, it is only worth 1.6B which is quite small given its potential to be a top 20 coin which is about a 6 to 7 times gain from here.

Like the folks who say they wish they had bought bitcoin when it was in the hundred dollar range, let's face it, most would not have held all the way to see the gains we have today. Anyway, it does seem we're in crypto winter, if not crypto purgatory for now.

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