From FOMO To Bag Holding

in #blog2 years ago


How quickly have we gone from FOMO to fear of holding the bags with stocks and even crypto? Wasn't Bitcoin testing the 70,000 level just a few short weeks ago and here we are at $38,000? If you wished you had bought more when it was at that price, surely you would buy more now?

Guess not. What's the cause of the slump? There's a couple of news articles out that might have caused some gloom like the EU wanting to ban Bitcoin mining and the prospect of sanctions on Russia and even Russia wanting to ban Bitcoin mining. Seems like mining Bitcoin is becoming a touchy issue for so called conservationists.

I'm a pretty big proponent of green living but I call this a whole lot of bullshit as politicians and uninformed people being hoodwinked to virtue signal by competing interests. If they were really concerned about the environment, we would eat less meat, fly less, drive less, do more working from home etc. But no... it is Bitcoin's fault. Give me a break.

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