Day 9 Of No School For The Kids

in #blog2 years ago


This has been the longest stretch in a while that the kids don't have to go to school. Well, not including the time that we moved to a new country. 2 weeks is a long time and trying to get any work done is hard. I suppose that's why parents take their vacations to coincide with this period.

I really miss school and the regularity that it provides. The childcare service is invaluable and provides parents with a bit of a breather. In many of the other countries that I have stayed in, nannies are a common feature where hired help takes care of the kids while the parents are at work.

Here, there isn't such a thing which means that the emphasis on school is even higher. Not sure which is better. Both have their pros and cons. With covid, the salaries for nannies have shot up and I am not sure if they are worth it because it is not like it is a bed of roses when you hire one. It still involves work, albeit less.

Anyway, for now, I look forward to the 'holidays' ending and for school to resume again. Such a change from when I was a kid myself.

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