Covid Vaccination Confusion

in #blog2 years ago


I just realized that I lost my vaccination certificate when I moved country. It is about time to get my booster shot but I can't seem to find the original certificate anymore. I managed to get the digital copy but I am not sure if it will be accepted by the authorities or not which will be a major pain if it isn't.

Then comes the pain of actually getting and registering for the shot. Back in Hong Kong, you could pretty much go online and there's a proper registration system with enough doses for everyone so you just need to pick which center you want to get vaccinated at.

Here, however, vaccination doses are a premium so it is some fastest fingers first type of nonsense and I'm not even sure if I will be able to get the shot in time. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be worried but back home, they have passed a new ruling that you need to get the booster within 9 months from the first dose or you will be considered unvaccinated.

What's the problem with being unvaccinated? You won't be allowed into offices, certain buildings and could probably be fired as a result. Very, very difficult.

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