Are You Eating Enough Fruits And Vegetables?

in #blog2 years ago


If there's one challenge that people don't usually consider when they move countries, it is how easy or hard will it be to eat healthy in the new country. Getting a meal is easy. There are burger joints like McDonald's everywhere but ones that serve vegetables in the necessary portions are a lot harder to find.

I have recently found a shop that sells some vegetables and not just the carb fest that you usually find at the malls. Some noodles, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, tofu and then a side serving of vegetables. Delicious.

Fruits are easier though because they don't usually need much preparation. Grapes, berries and some citrus fruits have been my go to fruits. Previously, I used to get a lot of bananas for the kids but that has reduced in the last couple of days.

So, while the convenient option is to just eat fast food, it is better for health to take the time to seek out the healthier options for the nutrients and fiber.

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