Are We Finally Getting Ready For Endemic?

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The headlines are changing. Now the authorities are starting to say in their press conferences that of the hundreds of people that got Covid recently, none had any severe symptoms. Most had just a sore throat or runny nose and thought they were down with the flu or cold instead of covid.

This to me signals a shift in the rhetoric around the virus. No longer are we talking about the clogged up wards or hospitalizations. Instead, it is about getting back to life as per normal. Sure, things like masks are going to remain for a while longer but the panic is hopefully fading now that a lot of us are vaccinated and we're even heading to the booster shot round.

Authorities are one thing but the general public also needs a mindset shift. For too long, Covid cases have been treated like pariahs, thanks in part to the official rhetoric and fear around the disease. How quickly can that mindset shift 180 degrees?

In other news, have you seen the crypto markets recently? Boy did they take a dump. Time to close CoinMarketCap and not look it up for another couple of years.

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