Status Update

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Tl;dr: Yeah, I'm not dead, my health is fine, I've just not had time to post, but I'll be picking that up again soon.

My work and personal life have both been extremely busy these past few weeks, but I'll get back to regular posting again soon. I pretty much haven't had the time to so much as point a browser at Steem, let alone write more content. If not for Steemauto, I wouldn't have done any voting either, but luckily I had at least that much going.

I'll get back into freewrites initially, but I'm also planning on some more technical content. Some of this will be and open source contributions, and some of it will be regular Steem content.

I want to finally get around to posting an article on scope in Python and more Bash scripting tutorial content. And if anything else occurs to me, maybe some short Linux tips/Bash tips.

I'll have some Japanese language updates posted soon, too. I've been keeping up at that, just not posting on my progress.

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