If a human makes a noise in a room full of giants, does it make a sound?steemCreated with Sketch.

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If you are new to Steemit then this post is a must read for you!

Hey guys its Jason here, I wrote this post for all of the newbies on Steemit. Btw If you haven’t already worked out the analogy, minnows are mere humans whilst whales are giants. I suppose we could call dolphin’s giant children 😂😂.

Anyway my point is if you are a mere minnow right now your voice and vote are worth next to nothing. So stop trying to manage your voting power, sure you can hold back your votes in the hope of making a cent on a post but you’ve got to ask yourself what’s the point.

Where your vote will yield some returns is by using it to build a following and community around your content. Seek out fellow minnows and dolphins that would take an interest in your content, and actively take an interest in theirs. 

I know for sure that people who consistently engage with my content are guaranteed to receive a follow from me and an upvote, and if I feel that my followers would benefit from their post a resteem as well.

So stop being so precious with your voting power, and put your vote to proper use.

Thanks for reading fellow Steemians! As always if you have received some value from this post please hit the upvote button or drop comment. If you’d like to see more hit the follow button. ✌✌

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