Technical problems and how we manage to continue.

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Hello Steemit community, it is a pleasure to write you one more time after presenting a period of inactivity quite overwhelming for our team. However, we were fine-tuning details and proposing strategies to find a way to continue with this path we want to travel.

During a day of recording in the studio, everything went normally. We arrived, we had a coffee with a cigar and we shared a few minutes talking 50% trivial things, jokes and bad jokes and the other 50% about future projects and personal aspirations.

It is time to get to work and start preparing everything for the singer to enter the booth and start recording. Everything's normal, I turn on my laptop, I run Ableton Live 9, I connect my audio interface Behringer U-phoria UM22, I mount the condenser microphone AKG Perception 420 and I connect it to the interface. I sit quietly with my coffee in my hand and when I started adjusting the volumes, I heard an annoying interference noise, a very dirty noise, everything seemed to indicate that the XLR cable was badly connected or damaged. When I reviewed all this and changed the cable, I followed the same noise and there I began to feel anxious.

I checked, disarmed and armed, I turned upside down all the studio trying to find out a solution to the problem that kept me out from continuing with the recording schedule and that static noise was still there tormenting me. The hours passed and I decided to give up for that day because I was getting very nervous and anxious. Assuming that the audio interface was the problem, since in one of the many tests that I did, the noise persisted even without having connected the XLR cable. The next day with my partner @prodcruz we disarmed the audio interface and cleaned all the connectors, but the problem persisted.

With no options left, we made the decision to try to make money by alternate ways to try to buy another interface or find a technician to help us repair the problem. It was a very difficult time because we are just beginning this project and this inconvenience caused us to stop, but thanks to this, each one of us noticed the brotherhood we have beyond being partners in this business, the support I received from everyone was very valuable and I have no words to express how grateful I am to everyone.


Everything wasn't bad at all, in addition to the fraternal union that generated this small bump in our way, we met a couple of very talented artists who joined our NorteSur Studios group. One of them is already fairly recognized in this community of Steemit, the other is still unaware of this environment, but both are incredibly talented and I feel fortunate to have gotten them and that by telling them about the NorteSur project they were enthusiastic and joined our team. Very soon you will know them.

A week of that roller coaster of emotions and fortuitous encounters passed and a very interesting proposal came to us to present a small recital at La Casa del Artista foundation, which filled us with joy and we took the opportunity with great affection and we gave the best of ourselves Although the initial conditions about the contract were not met and we were not entirely happy with the treatment that was offered, we took it as a nice experience that led us to join much more as a group.


AND FINALLY ... In that same week I found the solution to the problem with the audio interface and the big problem was ... THE ELECTRICITY OF THE HOUSE AND DRIVER OF THE LAPTOP.

With respect to the Drivers is very simple, the Behringer UM22 interface brings its driver package to work properly and you can configure inputs, outputs and audio monitor, however these drivers work terribly wrong and it is necessary to use ASIO4ALLv2 drivers which give zero problems, however bad luck of life to my laptop was infected by a virus through a flash drive and this virus interfered with all the drivers of my pc, making all work badly. The solution, format and reinstall everything, which eliminated much of the annoying noise and was much more acceptable.

The electricity of the house is a persistent problem, because in the place where we are located, there are parabolic antennas and the current of the house is very old and has no maintenance, which generates a large amount of static throughout the house. The solution, we all must enter the studio without shoes, as ridiculous as it sounds, that was the solution to all our problems.

So here we are, very happy to return to the path we took and we intend to continue, there are many musical and audiovisual projects that we are preparing with all the love we have for our art.


Thank you.

All the photos were made by the NorteSur Studios team


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