Useful-less Information #1 The proper way to pronounce 50 Cent

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Welcome to the first edition of "Useful-less Information". It may not be all that useful but it's not all that useless either.

Fun facts you never really gave a second thought to but'll that makes you say "I didn't know that" and "that's interesting" 

I've been wanting to do something like this for some time, I just wasn't sure if I should've made a video or a blog. Since I've found Steemit, what better place to post it, right?

Topic: The proper way to pronounce 50 Cent.

Since rapper 50 Cent blew up to mainstream status, He became more recognizable to people that most likely never knew he or his music even existed.

He would be a guest on TV and radio shows or mentioned by journalists in the media and they would have the most outlandish pronunciations for his name, they would massacre it! "Fiddy Cent", Fif-tee Cent", all wrong.

It kind of reminds me back when President George Bush Sr. would deliberately pronounce Saddam Hussein's name as "Sad-UM" instead of "Sah-Dahm."

50 Cent is a New York based rapper and me being from New York, the slightest slur in pronunciation of NY dialect will get picked up (as with any other urban native). 

Most people could care less on how they pronounce something as long as they're getting their point across. Depending on who you are, it could be quite an ear sore.

Pass it on the next time you hear it someone say it wrong or save it for party conversation.

The proper way to pronounce 50 Cent  and sound like an urban New Yorker is...

"Fit-Tee Cent" not Fiddy, not Fifty.

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Thank you, I appreciate that you appreciate.

50 is pronounced "fifty". If he wanted it pronounce "Fit-Tee" maybe he shouldn't have used a number with a long established pronunciation.


Riight.. That's exactly what makes this write up relevant.


I'm disagreeing with the premise that the right way to say 50 is "Fit-Tee". It isn't.


Nobody said that that is the proper way to pronounce 50 but It is the proper way to pronounce it for the rapper/mogul.
I'm not rewriting the dictionary, it is what it is.
Born and raised in New York, Brooklyn that is..

You walk into a bank and say "can I have 200 dollars in Fifties?"
Then 50 Cent walks in you greet him by saying What's up Fit tee?