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So I just got this warning note (is it really a warning?) That a video I posted some months ago has been taken down because I used a song, pretty little fears, in it as my theme song.

You know I get, honest I do. As a content creator, you want credit for your work. Not just credit but money also. Unfortunately, I did not make any money from the said video. It was just me doing my 7pushups for the steem-twitter campaign. I'm guessing I will be getting a lot of those warnings in the coming weeks because I used the said track a couple of times. I'm guessing my account might get suspended if I don't take them down soon because you know, these centralised platforms can be crazy. The way they do these things nowadays without warning is kind of crazy. I lost my medium account because I shared some links about steem. They didn't even have the decency to warn me. Well, I'm over that now. However, my twitter account is kind of precious to me. I have over 6,000 followers there, most of which are inactive but that doesn't matter. I created that account about 10-9 years ago. So basically most of my thoughts during that period are on my page, both the good, bad and ugly. Might even be ashamed of some of the things there. At some point, I wanted to wipe it all out so no one comes up with some dirt on me when I choose to pursue my politician career. I'm joking. I have no intention of becoming a politician. Even if I am, I have pieces of myself scattered all over the internet so there isn't much to hide. Even those who hide their identity by using an anonymous account can be tracked using special algorithms. Yes, the tech guys have gone berserk. Privacy is only an illusion now.

So back to this copyright thing. I think around 2014 J.Cole (the rapper) had issues with a song he sampled on his own track. The said owner of the song didn't want him to use it in the way he wanted to even though he had paid to use the said material. His case is different from mine because I'm not making any money from the said track. In fact, I'm promoting it. Just like DJs in the club would. Do DJs pay too? If that's the case then that's messed up. If I use your content and I give you credit, I think I should be able to use it, as long as I am not making money from it and causing anyone harm.

This is all strange to me because I have never had to deal with issues like this. The first thing I had a taste of censorship was with medium, only then did it matter to me. Before then it was all talk. I come from a country where laws are not taken too seriously, so naturally, have this indifference towards things like this. But after that incident, I felt this could also affect me significantly. I wasn't immune.

I'm going to spend the early hours of tomorrow sorting through my videos on Twitter and deleting the ones that can get me into trouble.

How has your day been?

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Exactly the type of behavior that should lead more here and other decentralized platforms! Incredible how far this has gotten given the AI and technology being developed.

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