Seeking the bright spots

in blog •  9 months ago

Well, just coming back from another unplanned Steemit break. You know what it was this time? Depression.

Well, maybe. I've never been diagnosed with it or something. But stuff has happened recently that have brought me down and made it a minor miracle for me to even get out of bed some days. And on days like that, I just want to stay home and play cute monotonous video games and watch YouTube videos of trucks crashing into low bridges. I don't want to, ya know, read things. Or think. Eww.

And I thought tonight would be one of those nights too. But, I donno, I guess the chemicals rebalanced themselves or something, and I was able to come back here and read stuff. I even got some contract work done… on a weekend! Been a while since I felt like I wanted to do that.

I'm not fixed yet; or perhaps I should say my problems are still unfixed. But for tonight, at least, for now, at least. I can see a bright spot or two down the tunnel.

I'm sure some of you can relate. And others cannot. I used to be one of the ones that could not and I would love to be so again.

bright spot.jpeg
Another lame teenagerish computer doodle

Who knows… tomorrow night, I might even get back to work on the annual taxes. Seeing just exactly how much the government has robbed from my family this year won't bring me down that much, right?

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Hmm, taxes... fun.
I just got done donating $240 since I didn't pay my state rental, I mean, registration/inspection for the car I already own on time.