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Hi, Steemit. I don't know if the handful of people who are following me will remember me, but I remember most of you.

Yeah, I haven't posted for a while. I've been… busy, I guess? I mean, yes, I have been writing a book about web development and doing lots of client work (and one of my client's major projects is about to wind down, so if you're interested in hiring an experienced web developer, get in touch… I will accept payment in major cryptocurrencies). But the truth is that I've also spent plenty of time recently watching football and playing vidya gaems and otherwise wasting time that I suppose I could have spent over here, makin' the Steem. I mean, I always kept this browser tab pinned and open… I always intended to come back and start actively posting and curating again… but after I submit this post, I'll probably just come back now and then to check on replies and upvotes, and then put that browser tab back in the corner and ignore it for a couple months again. Just bein' honest.

But, well, anyway… that new logo, and the colors… they're different, aren't they? Hmm. I think I preferred the old style, but maybe that's just nostalgia.

Actually, what made me stop by today and browse, and then ultimately post, is that I'm seeing Bitcoin's price tank and I was wondering why. As usual, it looks like there's a layer of drama going on that I probably could have profited off of had I been paying more attention. The truth is that I've been hodling a stash with the intent of cashing out and wiping out a couple debts in the near future, and now I'm regretting not just pulling the trigger on that after its rise a couple days ago. Damn.

Oh well. Such is life. Hopefully the powers that be will get things turned back around soon.

More personally, I've been going though some tough times in life. I'm not really the type comfortable emotionally unloading on others and I want to avoid specifics on others, but suffice it to say that I'm still having a hard time accepting something I've come to understand recently about the human condition; that there are people in the world who are capable of extreme destruction and cruelty to others and in fact feel justified in practicing in such destruction.

No, I'm not talking about my wife. We're still happily married and all that. We, at least, are still working together and supporting each other through this crazy "life" thing with love and laughter. Would that I could say the same about everybody.

But enough of that. Steem on, my friends. Hodl and to the moon and all that. Thanks for all the good times and those hopefully still to come.

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