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Whenever we buy chips packet, the first question comes to our mind is why air is more in this packet compared to chips. In such situation we think if we are giving full amount then why they are cheating with us. But, let me tell you, the actual reason behind it is something else. And what we think as air is actually a gas. So, let us come and know which gas is filled in chips packets and why?

Whenever we open a chips packet, a gas comes out of it which we neither can feel nor can smell. In such, we think which gas was that which was causing packet to bloat. If you are also looking for same answer, then know today that it is nothing else but Nitrogen Air. Now you want to be knowing why companies fill nitrogen gas? There are some reasons behind it.

Actually, it is important to fill gas to protect chips from being broken. Because if there will be no gas in the packet, its chips will break by touch or by collision among themselves.

Chips selling company pringles started to sell chips in cans in order to protect them much before but since cost of can is much more than chips packet companies adopted trick of filling gas in it instead of selling chips in can. Then next question which arised was which gas should be filled in it because oxygen is very reactive gas in nature and can easily cause chips to spoil. In such, in 1994 a study was also conducted in which filling of nitrogen gas in chips packet proved safe. Actually nitrogen is fully odourless, colourless and tasteless. Along with this, it is indestructibe. On the other hand oxygen is highly reactive which may spoil chips. Also, bacteria may take birth in its presence. Along with this, it keeps the chips crispier. But in presence of oxygen, they may become damp. In such eatebles packets, only nitrogen is filled. Other than this, a packet with nitrogen can be transported easily.

If we see from business point of view, a packet filled with gas looks much bigger which makes customers think that it contains more chips and this increases its sales.

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