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Friends Being successful and competent to succeed will be as important as it is necessary to keep motivation.
For every person, there is a source of inspiration for anyone, following which the inspiration to move forward, but the motivation taken from such people is very effective,

who have learned from failure, often faced with failure to succeed and Even after failing many times, the goal of success has not been abandoned. In such a situation,

why not take inspiration from some of the most successful people who have achieved success by continuous efforts. So, let's talk about something like this today -

Thomas Edison - Thomas Edison was considered to be a weak student in his school. His teacher used to say to him that 'You can not learn anything in life, because you are stupid.' But the child, who is considered to be weak and naïve, records the name of inventing the most things.

Oprah Winfrey - Oprah Winfrey, who had spent her childhood in poverty and endured sexual harassment, achieved such a success after such a difficult journey that saw the whole world shocked. Oprah Winfrey, famous for her television talk show, is today recognized as one of the most celebrated celebrities.

R.H. Massey - R.H. Massey's company has the world's largest department store chain today but it was not easy to reach here. In the early part of her career, Macy had to face a lot of failure in the retail company's field.

Soychiro Honda - When Sohchiro Honda was expelled from the Japanese business community, he probably could not even predict his upcoming success, because after these adverse circumstances, Honda had revolutionized the Japanese automotive sector.

Newton - Newton was not a promising student in his school, so his mother had stopped sending him to school, but Newton, who had a weak student at school, went on to revolutionize the field of science.

Sydney Poitiers - Hollywood superstar Sidney Poitier had to face a lot of difficulty during the audition of his debut film. When the dialogue was not right, the film's director scolded him very much and said that acting is not a matter of your bus.

Einstein - Einstein, who was unable to say right in his childhood and difficult to explain his point to people, gave his new theory of physics a new direction from his theory.

Stephen King - Stephen King 'Carry' went through a very difficult time during the novel. During this time, he dumped all the drafts written by him, but after that, how many successes he has achieved in the world of Novell, it can be estimated from the fact that around 350 million copies of his novel have been sold so far.

Henry Ford - Even though Ford Motor has made its mark in the world today, it was not easy for Henry Ford to start it. He also had a failure in the automobile business in his early stages.

Sir James Dyson - To make any new effort successful, there is a long way to go. The same happened with Sir James Dyson who developed the vacuum cleaner. Initially they had to suffer huge losses but later they got success in their business.

Vaughan Gogh - Von Gog's name in the field of painting is taken in honor and respect from all over the world today, but this moment of his fame can not be seen by Vaughn Gog with his own eyes. He is a painter who can sell only one picture in his entire life and he also had a few months before his death.

Walt Disney - Walt Disney has made a unique contribution in the field of entertainment, but his news editor said that - You do not have the ability to conceive or have any good ideas. But even after hearing this, Disney's morale did not weaken and it was her hard work that the 'Snow White' movie had left behind many big businessmen even before the premiere.

Harland David Sanders - KFC is a well-known name today but there was a time when Harland David Sanders was not getting a buyer for this non-wage food. After a lot of hard work, Sanders managed to build such a big business of KFC.

Fred Esteer - Hollywood legend Fred Astaire suffered a great insult during his first screen test. They were told that you can neither sing nor act.

J.K. Rowling - After seeing a bad phase in his life, J.K. Rowling wrote a Harry Potter book, which made him a billionaire and he became known as a special figure.

Charles Darwin - Charles Darwin was considered to be a mediocre student in studies and he left the field of medicine, and went to school to become a priest. But his theory on the Origin of the Species highlighted natural mysteries and his name got a special identity.

Now you know that even though everyone's life story is different, but the desire to be successful is similar to everyone.
The one who wants to succeed is focused on the floor rather than the difficulties of the path, but those who get entangled in the difficulties of the path can never succeed.
In this way how would you like to take inspiration from people - by trying to succeed, failing to give up, or those who insist on success in every situation - these are your choices.



Woww..such a great post and quite a motivating one. I have really taken a lot from your message you know...i just followed you in order to get more amazing post from you. Please do same yeah

Thanks sir

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Nice blog brother

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Nice blog

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