What is the price of a person?

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A boy working in a wooden shop suddenly asked his father - "Father, what is the price of a human being in this world?"

Her father was shocked to hear such a serious question from a innocent child.

The smiling father said, "Son, it is very difficult to calculate the value of man, the value of man is precious."

The boy said - "Are all human beings precious and important?"

Father said - yes son.

Her father was shocked to hear such a serious question from a innocent child.

The child was a little confused, he did not understand anything, then he questioned - "Father, if all human beings are precious then how many people in this world are very poor, why are so many rich? If
someone gets less respect, then one gets very much respect, why does such discrimination happen?

Daddy's been quiet for some time after listening to the child's questions. Then he said to his child - "There is a piece of wood in the store room, bring it."

As soon as he brought a piece of wood, Dad asked the child - "Can you tell its price?"

The child immediately answered - about 150-200 rupees.

Dad said - If I make small pieces of it, then what can it be worth?

The child responded by thinking: "Father, then it will be more expensive to sell, in more than Rs.1000."

Dad said right, and if I make a beautiful timber with this piece of wood, then what will be its value?

The child continued to contemplate for a while and then immediately got excited and said, "Then it will become Priceless ."

Then Father explained to the child - "Similarly, the value of a man is not in the fact that he is what he is, but it is inherent in what he can make himself and in time with himself In what form can shield it. The more the person will make himself useful, the more he will increase. "

The child had understood the point of his father well.

Guys, most humans do not realize their worth and often forget to calculate their true worth.

We forget to understand ourselves as useless or unsuccessful in accordance with our current situation and forget it completely that God has given us immense power.

A life full of possibilities happens every
moment around us, just need to recognize those possibilities with their own discretion. In our life, conditions are not favorable at times, but this does not mean that our price has decreased.

In this world, our birth as a human being proves that we are very special and important.

It should be our every effort that we should always improve ourselves, so that we can continue to grow in the direction of getting our right price.


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