Positive Thinking or Power of Positive Thinking How will you achieve success with it?

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Guys Lets hear a story:

The flock of goats always went in the surrounding little hills in search of
green fodder.
One of them said, let's go today to the hill above, there will be good grass and the water will be sweet too.
All the goats were completely excited and started climbing upwards.
After a while tiredness, the feet are slipping, the goats started giving up by saying, "It is getting difficult".
Among them was only one who was going ahead and reached up. how? Friends, the goat was "deaf!"

Positive Thinking or Positive Thinking has great power. Thinking changes your attitudes or attitudes.
Positive thinking takes the person to the height of success, the same negative thinking weakens the confidence of a person.
Our thoughts are what our actions change in our actions and become part of our personality.

Some benefits of positive thinking:

👉 Reduces daily stress.
👉 You get better health.
👉 More people than you will be friendlier.
👉 You will be able to make better decisions.

But friends, is this enough for this life?

Positive thinking does not mean that if you think well then it will always be good.

One day the disciples of Jesus Christ were going across the seas in the boat.

After some time when the boat reached the middle of the water, stormy waves began to rise and the boat started to wobble, then Jesus Christ walked on the water and headed towards the boat.
When the disciples were dark, the disciples were scared, but immediately he heard them speak and said, "I am the builders. Do not be afraid. "Peter went out of the boat and started walking on the water near Jesus.
But as soon as he lifted his eyes off Jesus, he started drowning on stormy winds. Jesus stretched out his hand and took hold of it and said to him, "Believers, why did you doubt?

We can say that Peter saw positive thinking or positive thinking, yet he failed in his work, so belief was also necessary with positive thinking.

Believer on the person who has the power to succeed in your work.

👉It should also have faith with thought.

👉There should also be a partner. Parents, family, friends or even the greatest God who encourages them!

👉Good thinking + trust + companion = Success.

If today someone tells you "I do not know what I am about to do for you, I do not know whether it is harm or not,
I will fulfill your hope in the end", would you not want to meet that person? I would definitely like to understand!

According to the Bible's promise, God wants to bless us.

Jesus Christ demonstrated his power by doing many miracles in his life style.
He is God himself, therefore no work for him is impossible.

He is the God to defeat the loser!

He is the God who has fallen!

He is the God who cures the sick!

He is a God who strengthens the weak!

Whosoever has accepted it, he gave them the right to become God's eternal.
Sin weakens the person, then the true power is not only in thinking, the true power is in getting the sins of God.
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@nithanuj786 yes absulatly right, positive thoughts can only achive long run success

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Thanks Sir

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