Do you know why we get sneezed .

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Sneezing is considered a common procedure for cold-cold and allergic to dust, but do you know why we get sneezed and why do the eyes turn off when sneezing?
You may not have thought about it or you have not yet answered it. In such a situation, why not, today, we talk about how the process is happening in the body during sneezing and why our eyes are closed while sneezing. So let's know this interesting thing today.

As long as the process of breathing does not sneeze, it does not sneeze, but when a dust particle or a fibers get stuck in the nose, then the body acts to take it out and this action is called sneezing.
Dust particles inhibit the process of breathing, so the message is sent to the trigeminal nerve of the brain, after which the lungs collect more oxygen and take it out loud.
When this happens, the air coming out with pressure exits the dust particles trapped in the nose. The sneeze speed is 160 kilometers per hour.

The reason for the eyes being closed is trigeminal nerve, which regulates the face, eyes, mouth, nose and jaw, and when the brain is indicated to remove all the obstructions, then this sign can be seen through the trigeminal nerves. And therefore the eyes are closed due to this.
Friends, now you know why it sneezes and why the eyes are closed when sneezing. Hope you like this information.


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