Air conditioner is the biggest threat to the environment

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The way we get relief in the air of AC and it relieves heat. Heats the winter in summer. But you have a good news of how bad it is for the environment. In the next 20 years, air conditioners will not prove to be harmful to the environment. This is not true in any way, as it is not possible to say the way the technique is used in daily life. Maybe the results are better,
Or worse than before.
According to pre-researches, the chlorofluorocarbon gas emitting from the AC increases the size of the hole in the ozone layer. The research was so powerful that eventually government and companies implemented the Montreal Protocol in 1987 due to considerable opposition.
As a result, 200 countries agreed to the proposal to reduce CFC gas.

Let you know that this CFC gas was displaced by Hydro-Fluoro Carbon (HFC) gas, which was not a widespread threat to the ozone layer. But this gas is not completely safe.
If this happens in a greater amount then it can be dangerous for the atmosphere. Recently, one says that by 2050, HFC emissions will increase up to 20% as the reason behind
this is that the problem of global warming has led to a lot of pace in the sale of air conditioner products. If we are worried about energy and environment, then we have to look into it.



There is no way people will give up air conditioning in the 21st Century. I live in Texas so I know what I am talking about. We need to stop burning hydrocarbons to generate electricity and the problem will no longer be a problem. In one 24 hour period the sun sends enough energy, as light (photons), to meet the present global energy needs for 1,000 years. This allows you to see the scale that is solar. The transition to wind, solar, hydro, etc. is accelerating because the efficiency has gotten the renewables to a price point that is competitive with oil and coal. It is just a matter of time before we mothball old dirty power plants. We burned wood in the boilers in 1750, we burned coal in the 1800's, we burned oil in the 1900's. Unfortunately these old technologies have overstayed their time due to political manipulation. The transition to solar has reached a tipping point and no amount of manipulation by big oil is going to stop it. Have faith, everybody. Better times are on the horizon.

Thanks Sir

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Hi @Clayrawlings,
You are right sir. Whatever may happen no one will stop using AC. It’s just become a part of day to day life.
And living without AC now a days is like a bad dream.

Thanks sir

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