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I am a passionate tourist, I am a passionate explorer. For people like me, beautiful places are the most important thing indispensable. I always thought, youth, when not busy, anxious, why should not go, why leave the spring months passed bland. get up to work, make money, go back to the night, take a break, talk to a few friends and go to bed. life as a real thing too boring, tasteless. Suddenly, once I thought of arranging a job, spending some time trying to go somewhere. That was my first trip. I thought I would never forget that feeling. Feeling a new land, meeting new people, eating specialties that I have never tried. Experience different cultures and customs.
And when I started loving it, I was far away. Go back to everyday life as before. pay back on the trip. Do not think it can be so great. With good friends, traveling together, is really great. together to visit the scenery, together wake up in a strange place. together share everything, do also together. To me, the youth that is pinned down in memory is the journey

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I totally agree! Thanks for sharing.


Nice post...Now is the time to live the life to the fullest...Tomorrow is for telling the stories.

Traveling is one of my best hobby. But life is so busy . That’s why not always go out. Different places, different people, different culture... it’s so amazing... Natural beauty attracts me . Boredom should travel if you want to get out of life. Great post... nice photography.. thanks for sharing...

Tinggalkan saya kenangan anda

This is why we are traveling. But according to crypto latest numbers it wont last long :/

beautiful bridge :<

I agree! I am visiting Hanoi in April for the first time. Isn't it funny how something that is normal to a new and exciting experience for me?

I always think that's interesting...that there is someone out there who lives in a place that you've never been before.

It would be cool to meet other Steemians from Hanoi when I visit!