Use friendly products to protect the environment

in #blog2 years ago (edited)

Positive, simple, friendly and close to the environment is what many young people pursue. Early recognition of small actions will contribute greatly to reducing environmental pollution, so many young people have concretized the environmental protection through simple actions and habits daily.

If you still think that protecting the environment is a very difficult thing to do, perhaps the 2 simple actions below will make you change your mind. We can absolutely protect the environment by changing the habit of using difficult-to-disintegrate plastic products every day.

  1. Use cloth bags
    What can a canvas bag (totebag) hold? Everything. Fold a cloth bag neatly no matter where you go, what you buy can be put in without using plastic bags - things that take a hundred years to break down. Just wash it clean and you can use a cloth bag again and again until it breaks.

    Recently, canvas bags are increasingly loved by young people not only because of their convenience but also by their personality and style. Canvas bags become a simple but lovely accessory. Many shops such as Jamlos, Acohi ... have quickly launched fabric bags with many colors and impressive designs.

    Coffee shops, milk tea shops and cinemas also use cloth bags as a promotional gift for customers to encourage young people to live green and protect the environment. It's easy to get the cute tote on the opening day of the new store or the program of points of brands like The Coffee House, Sharetea, Lusine, Thinker and Dreamer ...

  2. Use fabric straps
    Fabric straps can be considered an interesting variation of canvas bags this summer. Simple action but contributing to this environment has even become a trend for many young people to respond on Instagram. Like cloth bags, fabric straps can be reused many times and are also extremely compact to carry around.

    You can use this "divine" straps to hold coffee, milk tea, orange juice, vitamins ... in general, all kinds of glasses of water when taken away. This strap is extremely convenient to hold, even hanging on the car, on the wall.

    Fabric straps are quite popular in countries like Taiwan, Japan, and Korea but only started to be noticed in Vietnam when beverage brands such as Ten Ren, Cheesse Coffee, Bobapop.