Straws made from grass (Lepironia articulata) - a new solution to replace plastic straws

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How did the plastic straw devastate the environment? The following information will startle you:

  1. It takes more than 200 years for a biodegradable plastic straw. Therefore, in the process of existence in nature, they will be broken down into micro-plastic particles, capable of causing neurological, respiratory, and cancer diseases ... very dangerous for humans and the environment.

  2. Most people only use plastic straws ONE time, then throw them away

  3. You cannot leave them in the dishwasher because they will heat up. Their chemicals are altered and release toxins into the body when you reuse them.

  4. Plastic straws contain BPA - a chemical that has been shown to be toxic in some plastics.

  5. Produce environmentally harmful plastic straws, and will also use a lot of fuel.

  6. Plastic straw is one of the top 10 products that have been released to the sea the most.

  7. Plastic straws when put into water (ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans) will clog the water pipes if the amount of plastic waste is too large or obstructs water transport.

  8. Very small straws will easily access parts of marine animals such as fish, sea turtles, and affect their life. It is scary that these straws are mistaken for food or accidentally enter the stomachs of marine animals, they will survive in it for a very long time and cause dangerous diseases to These creatures: cause digestive diseases, clog food pipes. And if they get into the respiratory tract, these straws will hinder the respiration of marine species, causing suffocation to the ill-fated animals. After "killing" the victim, they will float in the ocean and continue to look for new prey. This is a cycle of destruction without end.

  9. In the US alone, every day more than 500 million non-degradable plastic straws are consumed. This number can cover more than 127 shuttle cars to school and can cover more than 46600 vehicles of this type every year. In developing countries, this number may be much higher.

After the bamboo straw, the grass straw is a natural product that Vietnam can completely replace plastic straw

The "believers" of the green and natural lifestyle in Vietnam in recent days are sharing and enjoying it when 3T Store launches straws made from grass - wild plants in almost throughout the Mekong Delta region and known as a rich material for people here to develop handicraft villages:

Characteristics of grass straw products:

  • Length: 20cm (or customized according to customer requirements no more than 28cm)
  • Pipe size: inner diameter 4.5-6.5mm
  • Pipe thickness: 0.5-0.8mm
  • The end of the suction tube is cut straight and pointed at one end
  • The inner tube is cleaned
  • Material: grass grows naturally (1-2 years old)
  • Storage: Can be kept at room temperature (27-28 degrees) to 5 days. Store in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Fresh grass straws are best used 1-3 days.